Eloquent Moor Gives Scathing Summary of the Deep-Rooted Socio-Economic Racial Realities Fueling the Philando Protests

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2017

Philando Castile

Eighteen peaceful protesters have been arrested so far in Minnesota, after a white Hispanic police officer was cleared of manslaughter charges after killing a Moorish man in cold blood, simply because he hated the color of his skin.

Philando Castile, a Moorish American nutritional specialist was taken out by white Hispanic officer Jeronimo Yanez last July. Although it is clear that the police in Minnesota are being ordered to kill Moorish Americans wherever they find them, it just so happened that this time, the murder was on video. The White Supremacist officer Jeronimo, and then killed him with a gun.

Jeronimo Yanez, whom the SPLC has documented comments on the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website under the name “CulturalCommissar.”

The Moors of Minnesota had hoped that in this instance, where the murder was on video, the white perpetrator would be punished. Alas. Not so.

The jury concluded that Yanez had “done nothing wrong” because “killing niggers is not only not a crime, it is police officer’s most sacred responsibility.”

So, one would think quite reasonably, several hundred Moors (and a few white allies) went out on the streets to protest such a disgusting ruling.

As always is the case with the white supremacist controlled media, the Moorish protesters are being viciously maligned.

Jake Tapper of CNN came on with a chyron reading “Minnesota Niggers Chimping Out.”

“Well, the dumb niggers are at it again,” Tapper said, shaking his head and sighing. “These greasy apes are out of control, and we need to have a conversation about exterminating them, wholesale.”

He then went to Wolf Blitzer, who was on the ground in Minnesota.

Wolf Blitzer: Yes, Jake, well I’m here on the ground at the riot, and I am reminded that niggers are not simply greasy, stupid and violent, but they also smell like a mix of stale piss, rotted horse meat and burning plastic. I am standing a hundred feet downwind of the nigger mob, and just before we went on air here, I began vomiting. You might notice a bit on my tie.

Jake Tapper: Tell me, Wolf, uh, what exactly do these niggers want? I mean, the jury ruled that there was no problem, niggers can be killed at any time by anyone, because American law and the Constitution consider them to be a nuisance animal. So what more of an explanation do they need? Are they just that stupid, or – what is going on with these niggers, Wolf?

Blitzer: That, Jake, is something I cannot tell you. They are in an extremely agitated state right now, what experts on nigger quote “culture” often refer to as a quote “chimp out,” and I spoke with the local police chief, Yoshimo Monteczuma, who is himself a White Supremacist, who said he would like to release a toxic poisonous chemical gas into the crowd of niggers, but he says that isn’t possible.

Tapper: Why is it – why can’t they just use the gas and get rid of the whole lot of these dirty niggers, Wolf?

Blitzer: Because of the United Nations, Jake.

Of course, CNN did show a few people of color who had gotten just a little bit rowdy, the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of the Moors involved in the protest were peaceful, and voiced serious concerns not only about the murder itself, but about the systemic racism that leads to socio-economic displacement of Moors within the White Supremacist system.

Despite the claims by the White Supremacists Tapper and Blitzer, the grievances of the Moorish aboriginals are very clear, and they have a very simple set of demands.

One protester, identified as “The Pope,” a professor of Moorish history at the local Moorish University, summarized the situation in more eloquent terms than I ever could, outlining the qualms the Moors have and what they would like to see done about the situation.

Listen up, you all don’t understand. This land that you stand on, that you think is America, is actually Africa. The dear Mississippi that you love, that you know of? That’s the Nile River. This is our land. You are aboriginal indigenous American. You are a Moorish American.

*Points to cops*

So where is their green card? Where is their green card? Ha? Ha? They need weapons. We don’t need no weapons. Ha? Ha?

Stop calling us “black.” We not African American. We Moorish American. Aberdneer to indigenous.

Know the laws of the land. Know your birthrights and nationality. You are a Moorish American. Fight for your nationality. The Pope says stand up. The Pope says stand up. The Pope says stand up. Know the land. Know the laws of the land: you are a aboriginal, indigenous American.

It really is just that simple.

But for some reason, the media, law enforcement, the justice system – no single institution can grasp what it is that Moorish aboriginals are asking for. So instead, the media portrays their legitimate grievances as “nigger chimp-outs,” while police continue to kill Moors because they hate the color of their skin.

That is the world we are living in: America, 2017.