Elon Musk’s Mega Rocket Will Launch Next Week – Will It Blow Up in His Face?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2017

SpaceX doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record.

Space exploration is the future of the White race. All of society should be restructured towards the ends of colonizing space, instead of feeding these worthless brown people. Like most White men, I dream of the day when we can finally start fighting insectoid aliens on far-off worlds.

Lemme tell u bot all the f I g. 

Which is why it breaks my heart that all the cool space shit is left in the hands of the likes of Elon Musk, who’s known to fail at everything he does.

Since the government funds all this anyway, couldn’t it have been put under the responsibility of someone with a track record of success? For example, Mel Gibson, who is universally acknowledged to have never done anything wrong?

Trump needs to divert all funds away from Musk’s failed scam enterprises and into a new and reformed NASA, headed by Mel Gibson (or, if he’s not available, I could settle for Sylvester Stallone).


SpaceX says it has the most powerful rocket in the world. And it might soon be ready to fly.

After weeks of waiting, the company’s massive new launch vehicle, Falcon Heavy, finally faced a critical test on Monday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The exercise, known as a static test fire, is designed to test the Heavy engine’s health, and collect data on its flight readiness. The rocket fired up its engines for about 10 seconds while keeping the rocket securely attached to a launch pad.

The company confirmed the test fire in a tweet.

CEO Elon Musk reported on Twitter that the test fire “was good,” and SpaceX will be “launching in a week or so.”

When launch time does arrive, it will be a nail-biting moment. Musk said at a conference last year that he expects the test flight to fail.

Are you kidding me?!

If you expect it to fail, how about not wasting millions of tax-provided dollars? Maybe refine the design until you expect it to succeed, you disgusting fraud!

Now that NASA is headed by a nigger and the rest of the public money is going to Musk, the initiative for developing new space tech is squarely in the hands of the Chinese. I can guarantee you, they’re not putting monkeys in charge of their space programs.

I refuse to envisage a future in which the Chinese are off having a great time killing aliens while we’re stuck down here dealing with Jews and brown people.

We really need to get our act together, folks.

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