Elon Musk Tries to Get “Pedophile” Accusations He Lodged Against Hero Diver Dismissed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

There’s no way this will get dismissed.

Musk not only accused the guy of being a “pedophile” in some one-off, he claimed to have evidence that he, specifically, had an arranged marriage with a 13-year-old, without any evidence. And despite evidence that he has a girlfriend in her late 30s.


Elon Musk is seeking to dismiss a defamation claim by saying that “over-the-top” paedophilia claims he tweeted should not be taken seriously.

He is being sued by Vern Unsworth, who aided the rescue of 12 boys from Thailand’s Tham Luang caves.

The two clashed over how to free the boys in an exchange that led to Tesla’s chief calling Mr Unsworth “pedo guy”.

Mr Musk’s lawyers said the “insult” had been made in response to Mr Unsworth’s own disparaging remarks.

Mr Unsworth is from St Albans, Hertfordshire, but now lives near Chiang Rai in Thailand.

The “vituperative” exchange between Mr Musk and Mr Unsworth took place during frantic attempts to rescue the 12 boys and their coach from deep within the partially flooded caves in July 2018. Mr Unsworth helped recruit experienced UK cave divers, who were instrumental in freeing the boys.

Mr Musk mobilised a group of Tesla engineers to help with the rescue effort and left behind a specially designed mini-submarine that he claimed could help transport the children out of the caves. The submarine was never used to free the boys.

In an interview on CNN, Mr Unsworth ridiculed the submarine calling it a “PR stunt”.

Responding in a series of tweets, Mr Musk gave more details about how the submarine might work and posted the “pedo” comment.

Mr Musk wants the court to throw out the defamation claim because, his lawyers say, his comments were “non-actionable opinion”.

The legal team said the Tesla chief had never met Mr Unsworth so his comments had no “factual basis”.

Instead, the words were “over-top-insults not driven by first-hand knowledge”.

Mr Musk’s lawyers argue at length that because the “schoolyard spat” blew up on Twitter, which they say is “infamous for invective and hyperbole”, no-one could reasonably believe the comments were truthful.

Again – hard to make that argument after he repeatedly brought it back up on Twitter and made further accusations based on the initial claim.

Furthermore, Unsworth’s comments were not invective or hyperbole.

Musk sending that toy was clearly a PR stunt.

For whatever reason – presumably because “trapped in a cave” is a situation that people find interesting – this story of these Thai boys became a top news story for an extended period. The idea that you’re going to get a  “mini-submarine” through a cave is retarded on the face of it, but he didn’t expect to be called out on it.

All of the team took a picture with the object, while even the Thais knew that it was absolutely retarded to imagine trying to shove that thing through a flooded cave for any reason, and that there was no reason to do it. This is because most people have a desire to be nice and not hurt others’ feelings when they appear to themselves be trying to do something nice. A typical situation of getting a Christmas present you do not particularly like.

Most people would have seen the “cool guy Elon sends futuristic mini-sub to rescue boys” and then when they were rescued, people would have assumed it was Elon’s sub that did it. He actually appeared to wait until the boys were close to being freed to send the sub, presumably to try to get the sub story and the freedom story as close together as possible to tie them together in people’s minds.

This is marketing 101, which more intelligent people can see through immediately, and a lot of people who can see through it would view it as immoral. Unsworth didn’t buy the “oh he just was trying to be nice and didn’t understand this was completely useless to what we are doing” line, and decided to call him out on it.

So Elon played up the feminist blood libel that people who go to Thailand to get laid and go on jungle adventures are going there to have sex with children.

I have spent a lot of time in Thailand, and I have not only never seen any child prostitutes, I am not aware of having ever seen any underage teenage prostitutes. I have never met anyone who has seen child prostitutes.

This is a filthy lie made up by women who are ashamed of the fact that men go to Asia to get laid. They want to maintain an absolute monopoly on pussy, and they want to stop anyone who they don’t think should get pussy from getting any of it, simply out of sadism against men.

It doesn’t take much to see why white women are so mad.

These girls will require you to work hard to please them, including dancing like a monkey for hours (display of submission) and buying them hundreds of dollars worth of drinks before they even consider having sex with you:

These girls will have sex with you for $25, no questions asked:

Gook women are basically viewed as scabs to the feminist pussy monopoly from which they get all of their power.

Women instinctively understand that if men are not interested in their pussies, their fun times are over forever. Feminism itself is completely based on using the pussy strategically to dominate society and force their will on men.

I resent Elon Musk indulging in this offensive anti-male blood libel.

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