Elon Musk Sells Houses, Prepares to Become a Wandering Sage and the Leader of Freedom

I’m only half joking with you when I say this: I will not be surprised if autistic gentleman Elon Musk becomes the leader of the freedom movement in America.

I am already personally on-board with this, and I was going to be the hardest person to convince. I didn’t like when he did all of those horrible things he’s famous for doing, but we’re in a new world now, and everyone must be forgiven for anything they did before this beast opened its jaws and tore our nation asunder.

He is one of the single celebrities speaking out against the brutal lockdown.

In the midst of it, he collapses his own stock for no reason and sells his mansions to live like the Buddha.

It’s all looking great.


Two of Elon Musk’s Los Angeles mansions appear to be up for sale on property website Zillow for $30 million and $9.5 million.

The listings, which say they’re “for sale by owner,” went live on Sunday just two days after the eccentric billionaire tweeted that he intended to sell almost all of his physical possessions and that he “will own no house.”

Moments before he made those remarks on Friday, Musk tweeted to his 33.6 million followers that Tesla stock was too high, leading to $14 billion being wiped off the company’s market cap. It’s unclear why he did this.

Musk’s two luxury properties are both in the the exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air. One is a five bedroom ranch and the other is a six bedroom estate.

A representative for Musk did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

He already said all that he wanted to say, Jews.

He’s selling his possessions to live at one with the world.

The ball is his, as far as I am concerned.

Given that he is the only person speaking sense, I will follow him. Although he’s been proved a scumbag in the past, he’s never shown that he’s indebted to the brutal Jew system, and in fact he’s condemned the Jews for using their media to attack him.

He can’t be president according to current law, but basically, electoral politics are largely off the table in this new apocalypse realm. They’re not going to let people vote. If they let them cast ballots, it will be mail-in, and they will just choose whichever candidates they want.

If Musk is successful, he will be leading a new country with new laws, and previous rules about a president needing to be born in America will mean nothing.

So what Musk would be doing is leading an American freedom revolution, as was the case with Charles Lindbergh and his America First movement.

Lindbergh, like Musk, was a rich industrial figure linked to cutting edge air travel technology. So the analogy is very apt.

Musk just introduced his infant son today, actually.

If I were Musk, I would certainly keep an eye on my infant child.

I will tell you that.

Jews are extremely brutal monsters, and they will kidnap and murder infant children if you stand against their dastardly agenda.

If he decides, he can take a position leading the freedom movement, and there will be many enemies. All of the enemies. The fact that he collapsed his own stock for no reason shows that he is the kind of cavalier caballero that we need steering this ship of doom.

A new base of supporters now exists for anyone who chooses to take a position as a leader of an anti-oppression, pro-freedom, anti-hysteria movement. He who dares wins.

I will toss my lot with Musk. We can call ourselves “The Musketeers.”

With Musk as our leader, we would also have the clear goal of colonizing space as a driving force behind our new regime, which will replace the decadent and corrupt regime of the current state, which had the singular goal of wiping out white people and promoting various absurd and deranged forms of sexual abhorrence.

I guess I don’t even have issue with Grimes being our First Lady.

She is certainly a weird bird, but at least she keeps it real.

I actually enjoy a couple of her songs.

The videos are a lot of fun.

But when I saw her on KEXP, I realized she was actually pretty talented, and not simply a freak show.

A Muskian space empire is not the worst vision of the future I can imagine.

The only thing I care about is my freedoms.