Elon Musk Says He’ll Turn Carbon Dioxide from Atmosphere Into Fuel

Elon Musk also says self-driving cars will be ready in three days.


SpaceX founder Elon Musk has revealed that his company is working on a program to take CO2 out of the atmosphere by turning it into rocket fuel – claiming that the program will be important for his mission to Mars.

Musk announced the program on social media, Monday, tweeting, “SpaceX is starting a program to take CO2 out of atmosphere & turn it into rocket fuel. Please join if interested… Will also be important for Mars.”

Astrophysicist YouTuber Scott Manley reacted that while “doing this has been demonstrated” before, converting CO2 to power Musk’s Starships “is a whole new level.” Ars Technica Senior Space Editor Eric Berger acknowledged, however, that such a program would “address the growing concern of climate impacts from rocket launches.”

I like Elon’s haircut and when he attacks the policies of the government, but his ideas and his companies are all sort of absurd and overly hyped gimmicks.

Just when I’m starting to forget about those things he did with that dog, he reminds me.