Elon Musk has Betrayed Normal People, Destroying Their Lives on a Whim or as a Joke

This has been a week of pure villainy, with the Jews murdering all the babies in Palestine and Dark Master Fauci announcing a plan to inject babies with a deadly gene therapy treatment to save them from a virus that doesn’t exist.

But the greatest villain of all is Elon Musk, who has decided to destroy the crypto market on a whim as a way to punish people who attacked him for trying to destroy the crypto market.

I don’t write about the crypto market much because I’m involved in it, but also because I don’t give financial advice on principle.

But what Elon Musk is doing, ostensibly as part of a plan to change the weather, is beyond the pale. He is doing more for the Jewish banking elite than anyone since Woodrow Wilson.

You’re going to hear about Jewish banks burning down because of the level of hand-rubbing going on. They are going to start fires in their own banks by rubbing their hands so hard it sparks an inferno.

The “Musketeer” is having a meltdown due to pure hatred for people who got mad that he tried to collapse the crypto market.

Look at this: he is butthurt.

Is he drunk?

He is trying to shill Dogecoin, but it is not going up. It is going down like every other crypto currency.

Doge is also not a real coin. It is a meme coin. The creator of the coin said this very straightforwardly in one of Elon’s replies.

All Elon has been able to do is destroy. He cannot build up this fake dog coin.

He can just hurt other people.

Many normal people were able to get a leg up in the world through crypto, and he is trying to take this away from everyone. He is working to further centralize wealth in the hands of a tiny elite.

I have been bullish on Musk for months now, and was genuinely impressed by his willingness to push back against the coronavirus hoax. I trusted him, and my trust has been betrayed.

Maybe he has some kind of plan. Maybe he will re-endorse.

I sure hope so. This is bad for the people hit hardest by the new world order agenda, and I just cannot comprehend someone wanting to hurt normal people who are struggling to get by.

Maybe he should consider the consequences? Maybe he should sit and think what it might be like to not be a billionaire, in 2021, when the world is falling apart and people are trying just to get by?

What could possibly be the excuse for destroying so many people’s lives like this?

If there is “carbon footprint” nonsense related to bitcoin – okay well, then bring in more green energy. Obviously, the banking system uses an order of magnitude more electricity than Bitcoin.

Elon might think this is really funny, but he is destroying the lives of normal people.

There will be suicides.

It’s a massacre.

Why would he do this? 

It is simply cruel.

Musk acts like he cares about normal people – then he does more to hurt normal people almost as badly as Anthony Fauci hurt normal people.

Elon: consider this.

Do you really want all of the normal people who have worked and put blood and sweat into building up their crypto investments to have their lives ruined, because a few trolls made fun of you?

Elon, just tweet that you’re holding your bitcoin, and you’re going to work with green energy people to make the coin more green. That’s fine.

But no amount of greenness can justify hurting so many people. This wanton disregard for the peasants is something you’ve spent years trying to present yourself as being against.

Then all of a sudden, you turn on all of these people who trusted you?

The good news is: In the long run, the crypto community can decouple from Musk. It will all work out.

We don’t need to be tied to someone so disconnected from the experience of normal people that he will destroy their lives as a joke.

Elon: I like you. I’ve defended you a lot. I used to not like you and you really won me back over the last two years. I was even promoting changing the laws so you could be president.

I have never felt so betrayed.

People reconsider. Let the market come back and function normally.

You have so much, Elon.

Why take away from people who have so little?