Elon Musk Flips His Lid Over Trump Canceling Stranglehold Hoax Suicide Pact, Quits the Team

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2017

Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords was a big deal. This is a MASSIVE LEAP in bringing sustainable industry back to the United States.

The fact that it made Musk decide to hurl himself off the Trump Train is a big bonus.

Remember to tuck and roll, you little faggot.


Elon Musk has followed through on his threat to leave Donald Trump’s White House advisory council after the president reneged on the Paris accord.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO fulfilled his promise Wednesday, saying he had done all he could to convince Trump of the threat posed by climate change.

Musk served on both Trump’s economic advisory board and his manufacturing jobs initiative council.

Trump repeatedly referred to employment statistics during his announcement Thursday, citing job losses in manufacturing, steel and coal industries as unacceptable for the US economy.

This was seemingly the last straw for Musk, who took to Twitter to confirm that he would be “departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.”

Musk previously drew criticism for remaining in the presidential advisory councils, especially after fellow tech CEO Travis Kalanick resigned in protest at the so-called “Muslim ban.”  At the time, Musk stated that “engaging on critical issues [would] on balance serve the greater good.”


Let’s officially end taxpayer funding to the stupid hoax companies of Elon Musk, and let this weasel drown in his own bullshit.

The government is the number one investor – by a longshot – in both Tesla and SpaceX. Both of these companies are bottomless pits that Barack Obama agreed to throw WHITE PEOPLES’ money down.

Look at this jackoff:

Yeah, woohoo, 2030. Great deal.

They’ve been the world’s biggest economy since 2014.

Note: That’s according to the IMF, which adjusts for costs of goods in the country. As far as actual total GDP, they are officially going to surpass us next year, according to estimates. Either way, they’re in a whole lot better shape than we are, and the Paris Accords were designed explicitly to transfer wealth from the US and Europe to them, India and other formerly “third world” countries. This is all part of a globalist one world order snake agenda – because if we equal out the economies of the world, borders will then become pointless (since we’ve already established that “race doesn’t exist,” the continued existence of borders has been framed as a purely economic issue). 

According to official estimates, by 2025, China’s economy will be nearly 15% bigger than ours. Five years later, according to Paris Climate accords, we’ll have an even playing field with them, economically. Any intelligent person who doesn’t think this is stupid is either Chinese or Jewish. Elon Musk isn’t Jewish or Chinese – he’s stupid. 

Even if global warming was real – which it isn’t, which is why they changed the name to “climate change” – this would be an insane deal.

We are borrowing money from China while also subsidizing their economy? Is it even possible to imagine something more retarded than that?

Musk was only ever on the Trump Train because it would increase the likelihood that Trump would keep throwing our money down his pits. Apparently, he thought that his support was good PR for Trump. And I don’t know – perhaps it was.

But with him now refusing to work with Trump, us continuing to fund these idiotic companies is now officially insane.

I hope Trump announces very soon that we are cutting funding to Tesla and SpaceX.

This would not only save us money and punish the rat Musk by basically ending his career forever, but it would also serve as an example to others that if you mess with Trump, it’s going to cost you.

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