Elon Musk: Based Billionaire or Worthless Autist?

I’m starting to wonder if Elon Musk isn’t being promoted in our faces as some kind of “good billionaire,” in order to make right-wingers less critical of the ruling elite class.

Elon is now the second richest man in the world.

He says stuff against the coronavirus hoax, he speaks out against trannies, he whines about Jews running the media, he does a couple other things – but he never actually uses his status as the world’s second richest man to actually DO anything.

Bill Gates used his wealth to manufacture this entire coronavirus hoax. So, yes – billionaires can use money to change society.

He’s out there now pushing the tranny thing.

This is such low hanging fruit.

Furthermore, he did the whole bit where he later backtracks, and says he actually likes trannies, he just thinks the pronoun thing is silly billy.

He then bragged about how good he is to faggots.

So, I mean – okay. I don’t expect Elon to go out there and start calling for homosexuals to be drowned in bogs. But he’s the one who randomly picked the tranny issue, only to then backtrack.

I am willing to accept the possibility that this is exactly what it looks like. It could be that he’s legitimately just an autistic guy, and he is against stuff, but he doesn’t have the nerve to stand up for anything really, so if he goes out there and says something right-wing, he then backtracks because he’s cowardly and fears social pressure.

But it all seems too perfectly choreographed to imply that it is that scenario. And surely, anyone who made this much money in the dot com boom is going to be approved by the Jews. Yes, he could go rogue, but if he’d gone rogue, you would know it. The Jews would scream bloody murder and collapse all of his companies.

They’re not doing that. In fact, they don’t really push back on him at all, despite the fact that he literally did “Jews run the media,” as well as call out the entire coronavirus lockdown as a hoax (using literally all of my talking points).

Supporting the idea that this is all just staged public theater – that famous tranny who was recently on the right-wing internet after some fake news website hoaxed that he had been picked as Joe Biden’s secretary of education came out and joined the drama, and is being quoted by all of the media reporting on this.

“Charlotte Clymber” is effectively a crisis actor who plays the role of the villain in cartoon right-wing narratives.

It looks like it is probably all set up to make people say: “well, not all billionaires are bad, at least we’ve got Elon representing us.”

What I will say is this: Elon obviously knows what’s going on with the world. He is refusing to do anything about it. This is insane, frankly. The guy has kids. How can he not care about the future?

Everyone knows the answer: he’s an atheist and a transhumanist cultist and he thinks that the machines will solve our problems in the not especially distant future.

Don’t get me wrong – I’d rather have him out there saying this stuff than not, I guess. And I do hold out hope he’ll do something.

But it’s nothing to get too excited about.

This guy never even had the nerve to publicly endorse Donald Trump.

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