Elon Continues to Deliver

I actually never said Elon would deliver. But I did say: stop attacking him, it’s pointless – he might still deliver.

He has continued to deliver thus far.

Who knows what he will do in the long run.

But all we really need to do is hold out, keep above $30,000 for a few more weeks while some people put together some talking points to push back against the global warming atrocity lies, and then we’re solid in the green and cleared for takeoff.

I don’t advise anyone to buy Bitcoin right now, because I never advise anyone on anything financial.

But I think the Chinese saying they’re going to ban it is a good sign, because China has done this repeatedly to create a dip they can buy up.

(I don’t think that’s a total scam – there are regulators in China who want to ban it. So what they do is allow those people to make a statement, then the pro-BTC forces come in and override them with popular support. It’s not just a pure dump and pump.)

Elon is a big player. It’s not all dependent on him, but he is a very big player.

We can’t predict his actions, we have no idea what he’s thinking, but attacking him over this when he’s done so much for crypto is silly and dumb.

We are still higher now than we were when Elon announced support.

In general, I think Elon should be supported for being the only right-wing billionaire. He is pro-freedom, he spoke out against the virus hoax. He is biding his time.

Just chill.