Elliot Abrams Threatens to Start Sanctioning Governments Who Refuse to Denounce Maduro

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

It’s not surprising so many people trust Elliot Abrams to launch infinite wars against random countries, seemingly for no reason – he really has a face you can trust. 

Imagine if you stabbed a guy on the street, then started looking around at bystanders and saying that if they don’t support the stabbing, you’ll slice them.

That is basically what is going on here.

We have entered into an entirely new age of bizarro world warmongering.


With the vast majority of the world still seeing Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, America’s hawkish special envoy has hinted that Washington might sanction third parties that defy the US regime-change efforts.

The international community must choose sides wisely in the Venezuelan conflict, the curator of US intervention in the Latin American country, special envoy Elliott Abrams, suggested on Tuesday, noting that Washington would not limit itself to economic sanctions just against the Maduro government, but against all who chose to support him.

“Secondary sanctions, it’s clearly a possibility,” Abrams said at a press conference, warning that a decision to sanction third party countries “would depend on the conduct of the [Venezuelan] regime over time.”

So far some 54 countries have bowed to US pressure and recognized the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido, who since January has been rallying support for regime change. Whilst the US claims the “momentum is good” to get more countries on board, the majority of the world’s countries and population rejected Washington’s “imperialist”ambitions, Colin Cavell, associate professor of political science at Bluefield State College, told RT.The US administration is “internationalizing the Venezuelan conflict on a very dangerous basis… threatening other countries who deal with Venezuela, saying that if you do not support our sanctions, we are going to impose sanctions on you,” Cavell explained.

Sanctioning governments across the globe for backing Maduro over Guaido not only violates the international law but highlights the brazen interference of the US in the affairs of a sovereign nation. Furthermore, the academic believes, the US administration seems to be acting under the assumption that “if there’s more pain on the Venezuelan people” then they will rise up and “overthrow” their government.

What I can say is that this march to war is a lot shittier than the march to war in Iraq.

That was a lot more action-packed.

Condoleezza Rice literally said that Saddam was going to nuke America. Because he wanted to do 911 part two or something, I don’t really remember that they suggested any motive.

And Colin (pronounced “Colon”) had some kind of white powder at the UN to prove that this dastardly plan was underway.

Apparently, the US is getting a lot of pushback for this latest lunatic plot. I can’t imagine why else they would come out with this “we’ll take you all down with us” attitude.

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