Elle Reeve Interviews Rim Cook on Why He Engaged in Conspiracy to Silence Alex Jones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

VICE News: making silencing people who disagree with the ruling class hip and cool again. 

Elle Reeve, the fetal alcohol syndrome baby who has played a key role in organizing public opinion to silence the Alt-Right, has now moved on to helping big tech companies justify the political censorship of Alex Jones.

VICE this week aired an interview with Apple’s Rim Cook, where the twisted pervert explained that there is no conspiracy to silence Alex Jones, he was only silenced by every media company at the same time after having been active on the internet for 20 years because he is a bad person.

It is apparently being implied that everyone just happened to realize, after 20 years, that he was a bad person, at the exact same time, and that there was no connection between the multiple bannings.

He said he never communicated with any other tech CEO to shut down Alex Jones.

Of course, he didn’t have to. He saw that other tech CEOs were doing it, and he saw all the entire Jewish media demanding that he do it, and then he did it. The way the modern communications and media landscape works, there is no requirement that he meet with Jack Dorsey and that Paki from Google in a dark and smokey room to plot to silence political dissidents.

A lack of direct communication does not somehow make it less of an organized and cooperative plan to silence Jones because he is a loud guy who disagrees with the narrative being pushed by the mainstream media.

Saying he has to be silenced because he is a bad person is probably both the stupidest and the best response any of these people can give.

Whereas in the sixties, during the Jewish revolutions, they were framing morality as “relative,” they are now pushing a very solid and structured form of morality, and pushing the idea that anyone who disagrees with the moral framework they present is evil.

It’s a new religion. And it does appear to be working. To whatever extent. That isn’t exactly clear, and it isn’t exactly clear how long it can work for, but for the time being, it is indeed working.