Elizabeth Warren’s Solution to Coronavirus is to Defund Trump’s Fence Repairs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2020

I haven’t heard the term “the wall” in like a year. But redskin presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren AKA “Chief Moneybags” brought it up this week, claiming that stopping building it would help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

She has a bill.

Is she saying that the alleged wall – which does not exist, all Donald Trump is doing is repairing existing fencing – is helping the virus, or is she just saying that she would take the money from the project to fund the war against the virus?

Like, that there’s no money to fight it and the only way to deal with the issue is to cut the fence repair budget?

The fence repair budget is $2 billion of a total $4.8 trillion federal spending bill. Meaning it is .04% of the total budget.

Why doesn’t she take some of the $4+ billion we send to Israel?

Whatever it is she is trying to communicate here, I think even liberals see this and are like “wait hold up.”

The thing here is, people are scared of the Coronavirus, and using it for a nonsensical political stunt like this makes her seem really unserious. Especially when you consider the fact that the thing people are afraid of – this virus – is being spread by people crossing borders.

Why on earth would she do this?

Who would advise her to politicize a plague with racism charges?

The Tomahawk is losing her edge.

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