Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll Make Sure Immigrants Can Live on Welfare

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020

I understand that the government is going to support bringing in immigrants to live on welfare. That is because the big corporations that lobby the government want their cheap laborers to get money from the government so they don’t have to pay them as much.

McDonald’s and Amazon both issue instructions to their employees on how to collect welfare to supplement their income. It is also standard practice among big agriculture businesses that hire Mexican immigrants. This is just pretty standard American corruption, because of course in democracy, everything is for sale, and politicians are happy to use taxpayer funds to supplement the income of Jeff Bezos’ peasant immigrant workforce.

What I am not capable of understanding, however, is how this kind of blatant corruption could be considered a good thing and something that you promote as a policy.

Nonetheless, apparently it is considered that by Elizabeth Warren and her supporters. She is vowing to roll back Donald Trump’s attempts to block immigrants from living on government benefits.

She says on her website in a section about her support for chain migration:

And I am committed to repealing the Trump administration’s public charge rule, which forces many farmworker families to choose between accessing basic services and staying together.

Of course, she frames this as “oh, I just want to give free money from taxpayers to immigrants so that more of them will come to America to live on welfare, because it is so sad that these brown people are poor.”

This is of course just absolute insanity, which doesn’t even begin to make sense. The idea that there are people that emotionally fragile engaged in politics just goes to show how idiotic it was to allow women into politics, and that we really need to do something about the xenoestrogens in the environment that are transforming men into womanlike baby-men.

But what is truly shocking is just how obvious it is that this “bleeding heart” nonsense is simply a justification for economic exploitation by the very mega-corporations that the left claims to oppose.

But that’s democracy for you.

You can do whatever you can to emotionally manipulate the population into going along with your agenda.

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