Elephants Can Determine a Human’s Ethnicity

Daily Stormer
April 8, 2014

Elephants have a bizarre sense of humor, don't they?  On top of that, they're racist.
Elephants have a bizarre sense of humor, don’t they? On top of that, they’re racist.

Someone needs to explain to these racist pachyderms that race is a social construct which does not objectively exist.

Utah People’s Post:

A new study has revealed one interesting fact about elephants. It says, these animals are able to decode the human voice.

According to the study, elephants are able to distinguish between human languages, can determine our gender and relative age and can also asses the threat, if any, imposed by the humans.

Moreover, the study found that African elephants (Loxodonta africana) can even differentiate between ethnicities and genders, and can tell an adult from a child.

Study author Frans de Waal, from Emory University, said “Animals associating sounds with danger is nothing new – but making these fine distinctions in human voices is quite remarkable.”

Karen McComb, who is a behavioural ecologist at the University of Sussex in UK says, elephants in Amboseli National Park of Kenya are highly threatened by Maasai pastoralists. These elephants flee when they encounter Maasai men who are famous for wearing their distinctive red robes. He says these elephants are least bothered by other people on foot as they don’t find any big threat from them.

Speaking of elephants, remember last year when that elephant made friends with the black lab?

That sure was fantastic.

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