Election Fraud in Germany, Gamer Alleges

A Gamer Uprising forum member compiled a series of articles on potential or probable election fraud in Germany against the nationalist AfD party.

I didn’t fully read all of it, and certainly don’t know enough about it to write my own article on the topic without spending like at least an hour.

But he already wrote it, and the other day I was promoting more people reading/knowing about the Gamer Uprising forum, so I’m just going to link this directly:

FRAUD in GERMAN ELECTION!? Massive Irregularities in Berlin Where AfD Got Surprisingly Bad Result

You can also find other interesting information on that website. A lot of it is bullshit, frankly. But there are some pretty good posters, and memes.

It’s probably worth looking into the German situation. It’s clear that we’re now abolishing the concept of representative government, because it didn’t get the results that the elite wanted, and anyway, it just doesn’t really mesh with the new image of man’s role in the universe that is being developed.

Speaking of which, I linked a bunch of internal elitist documents earlier today in my mega China piece, but here’s something kind of sort of interesting and related – a pdf of “Changing Images of Man,” a Stanford Research Institute paper on how to manipulate man’s image of himself in the universe for political reasons. It was co-written by Joseph Campbell, the guy with the… with the you know, the goofy new age stuff that George Lucas falsely claimed Star Wars was based on years after the film was released after having never mentioned that before.