El Salvadorian Gang-Trio Brutally Rape 16-Year-Old Girl on Long Island Golf Course

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2015

Three innocent El Salvadorian teenagers facing trumped up charges for things they are not guilty of.
The innocent El Salvadorian teenagers who’re accused of being members of a gang, facing trumped-up charges for things they are not guilty of.

Three teenage suspected members of El Salvadorian street gang MS-13 are being held without bail following the kidnap and rape of a 16-year-old girl in a bushy area of a Long Island golf course, The Daily Mail reports.

The trio are named as 17-year-olds Jose Cornejo and Joel Escobar, and Bryan Larios, 18. Their attorney has entered a predictable dindunuffin “not guilty” plea against charges involving rape, sexual abuse, robbery and a list of crimes that read like a Quentin Tarantino film script.

After approaching the female and a male friend outside Brentwood middle school on the evening of May, 29, prosecutors accuse the tortilla-gorging gangsters of going all-out El Salvadorian and dishing out the deeds of diversity. After beating and robbing the so-called male, who ran like a gazelle, the three future majority-Americanos then forced the girl on a half-mile march to a secluded wooded area of the Brentwood Golf Course. It was there that Cornejo and Escobar violated the girl while Larios acted as lookout.

Golfers later called police after finding the girl dazedly wondering naked after her initiation into what normal life will resemble once beaners take control of the United States.

Long Island in about 30 years.
Long Island in the not too distant future.

Putting aside the question of how three El Salvadorian street-level gangsters even came to be in Long Island in the first place (which should be like finding an elephant wondering around the Arctic), they are accused of what is being understatedly described as a “brutal, heinous” crime.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota addressed a news conference, telling media, “This poor young woman is so lucky that, quite frankly she is alive. These are vicious young men and what they did to her was absolutely terrible.”

Adding to the bafflement surrounding how members of a notorious El Salvadorian gang could be allowed to enter the US, let alone wind up on the East Coast, attorneys for the greasy threesome claim their “clients” are high school students. Assistant District Attorney Lawrence Opisso dismisses this as a falsehood, citing a tattoo identified on Cornejo’s chin — a skull shooting flames — as what police recognize as being an MS-13 insignia. Meanwhile Escobar and a fourth character who is also accused of being a member of that productive gang were charged with bashing and robbing a man on April 28 at the same school. At that time, the victim was warned by Escobar he’d cop more if he reported the attack to police.

So, here we have a bunch of gangsters from south of the border who no one can vouch for, who clearly have no identification papers, beating, robbing and raping and then being locked up and provided with legal defence all on the gringo’s dime. Seriously, America’s southern border is an open gateway for hardened Mestizo criminals, lacking only a neon ‘welcome’ sign.

All in all it’s just another day in the United States of Obamerica.