El Salvadorans Don’t Want to be Deported to Their Country Because It is a Shithole

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2018

Just before the story of Trump calling Haiti, Africa and El Salvador “shithole countries” was the story of mean old Trump planning to send 260,000 El Salvadorans home to El Salvador.


At the time, Vox wrote:

After two decades in the US, hundreds of thousands of families will now have to decide whether to return to one of the most violent countries on earth — or remain in the US as unauthorized immigrants and try to slink into the shadows.

And Newsweek ran the headline:

The rest of the media all said the same thing: it would be horrible to send them back to that country because it is poverty-stricken and riddled with violence.

In other words, their argument was literally “you can’t send these people back to that shithole country.”

They were literally citing the dictionary definition of “shithole” as a reason why immigrants should not be sent to El Salvador.

Was it not racist for the entire media to say that El Salvador is an extremely poor and extremely violent country?

If the present working definition of “racism” is making observations relating to brown people, then surely it was.

But the entire premise of mass nonwhite immigration into white countries is that these countries are shitholes and it’s sad for people to have to live in shitholes. They tack-on the idea that millions upon millions of low-wage or unemployed people are somehow “good for the economy,” but no one actually believes that. The core argument is: “it’s sad because they’re poor.”

And if that is racism – and I think that it is – then mass immigration is racist af.