El Paso Walmart Shooter’s Alleged Twitter Account Praised David Duke and Guns

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2019

An archive of the alleged Twitter account of the alleged Walmart Shooter (news article here, manifesto here), Patrick Crusius, has been located on The Wayback Machine. Twitter has suspended the account – a policy they have which I don’t really understand. Bizarrely, the account was just made on July 19th.

That is very strange, for sure. Maybe a previous account was banned (based on how he’s posting, that is certainly possible).

It is also very strange that his handle was his real name – @PatrickCrusius.

It appears that he was a big fan of David Duke, who he regularly retweeted. His display name was “Patrick Crusius -GUN- ANTI ABORTION- #MAGA #DUKE.”

This is definitely very ideal for the narrative being pushed by the media.

The individual does not seem to be very intelligent. The account looks a lot like the account of that MAGA Pinoy who allegedly sent those fake bombs, in fact. This is a stark contrast to his manifesto, which was totally coherent.

Interestingly, he was tweeting about the Gilroy Garlic Gunman.

I will just go ahead and screenshot and post all of the available tweets, because it is possible that archive.org will remove the page, and we should have these for posterity.