Eight Anti-Invasion Rallies Held Across Europe

The New Observer
January 10, 2016

While media attention was focused on the dramatic Pegida rally in Cologne on Saturday, no less than eight other anti-invasion rallies—all using the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks as their theme—took place in Belgium, Austria, France, and Germany, over the last two days.

One of the first ever Pegida demonstrations in the Belgian city of Antwerp took place without incident in that city center at the historical Hendrik Conscience Square.

Pegida-Antwerpen-05 Pegida-Antwerpen-06 Pegida-Antwerpen-01

The meeting was addressed by prominent Vlaams Belang politician Filip De Winter, and Edwin Wagensveld, the Dutch Pegida leader. Also in attendance was the founder of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann.

Speakers called for the banishment of Islam and the closure of Belgium’s borders, all citing the crime and terror threat posed by the nonwhite invasion.

Meanwhile in the German/Austrian border town of Freilassing, the patriotic Ein Prozent (One Percent) movement held its second demonstration in a row against what it called the “madness of open borders.”

The protestors marched to the border crossing point—much used by the nonwhite invaders to cross into Germany—and with their numbers “symbolically closed the border for a few hours,” the organization’s website said.

Freilassing-04 Freilassing-03 Freilassing-01 Freilassing-02

In France, the Génération Identitaire organization took to the streets of four cities to protest against the “imported crime” which had come to Cologne and other European cities on New Year’s Eve.

The demonstrations, held in Toulouse, Flanders Hainaut Artois, Nice, and Aix-en-Provence, attracted wide public support, calling as they did for the immediate deportation of the criminal invaders and the “start of a remigration program” for all nonwhites in Europe.


Génération Identitaire  Toulouse.


Génération Identitaire  Flanders Hainaut Artois.


Génération Identitaire  Nice.


Génération Identitaire  Aix-en-Provence.

In Dresden, the Saxony branch of the Identitarian movement demonstrated in the city and announced the launch of its “spring offensive,” which it had, the organization said, brought forward because of the crisis created by the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne. The day’s events included the distribution of several thousand leaflets in the city.


Finally, the mildly populist Alternatief für Deutschland (AfD) party, which although standing at nearly 10 percent support in opinion polls, still desperately tries to present the most politically-correct public face it can, held its 2016 election launch rally in Neubrandenberg.

According to a post on AfD Member of the European Parliament’s Beatrix Von Storch Facebook page, the large crowd heard her declare that “We need [refugee] limits and we need Merkel gone.”

AfD-rally-02 AfD-rally-01