Eichenwald: Just Doing Research Here Goys!

Daily Stormer
June 9, 2017

You know that Jew Kurt Eichenwald? The guy that is trying to sue the entire alt-right because he faked a seizure after someone sent him a flashing gif?

You may also remember that before that, once upon a time, he got in trouble for sending money intended for the production of child pornography.

Basically, Eichenwald was looking at what he believed to be child pornography. Nobody had hired him to write an investigation into child pornography. He had told nobody about his intent to investigate child pornography as a journalist. He then started paying for child pornography. When caught he lied in public, first claiming he didn’t pay for the child porn. Then he claimed he only sent one payment, but it was all for research for a story. Then when it was revealed he sent multiple payments for child porn, he said that his epilepsy made him forget all the other repeated payments he sent to get high resolution videos of child sex acts. This is the same non-photosensitive epilepsy that he claims caused him to have a medically impossible seizure for which decent white guys who care about their country need to go to prison for.

It’s all so fucking Jewish I don’t even know where to start with picking this kike’s lies apart, but he just did it again.

So he was whining on Twitter about being the “victim” of anti-Semitism, and how it was all Tucker Carlson’s fault for PULLING HIS TEETH OUT with RUSTY PLIERS and JAMMING THEM into HIS EYE SOCKETS all on live television. Frankly we don’t even know how this vicious stuff Tucker does to Jews over and over again is allowed to air on TV but it sure is awesome.

In the process of doing so, he revealed that he was browsing sites for hentai, which is a Japanese word for degenerate cartoon pornography, frequently including sex acts upon children.

Of course, the kike is trying to Jew his way out of culpability for this again. This is the second time he’s used the “just doing some research here” excuse. This time he wasn’t doing it for a story though. He was apparently involved in normal family dinner table conversation about sea creatures committing acts of sodomy and went out on a quest to find examples of this genre to display to them.

Seriously, is anyone going to believe this?

Of course, Twitter went nuts.

I particularly liked the #EichenwaldAMovie hashtag.

Tucker Carlson moves in for the kill on this, literally implying that Eichenwald should be put into a secured mental facility.

This is funny, and I am glad people are having a good time making fun of him. Lulz are good.

Here’s the thing, though: pornography that does not involve children is the most meticulously well catalogued thing on the Internet. There is zero chance that you could google tentacle porn and not come up with some, much less end up on an extremely niche manga website with no pagerank thousands of results down. It is impossible for anyone to not find any tentacle porn on the Internet. This is not something that happens to anyone. He’s absolutely, incontrovertibly giving a bald-faced lie here, and in his previous case, he also relied upon his wife for an alibi for his child porn payments just like he’s doing here. He’s a Jew. He’s a fucking Jew liar.

What is not funny is that this filthy fucking kike gets away with spending five figure amounts on child pornography and his family helps him obstruct justice over it and the FBI does fucking nothing but arrest his righteous and decent white critics. That he can be caught multiple times using obvious lies to dismiss away his weird pornography addictions and his family can perjure themselves and help obstruct the process of justice against him, but sending him a GIF results in prison time.

We’ve been having a lot of luck crowdfunding things on the right here, and I think in light of the continued malfeasance of federal agents in regards to ol pedo Kurt we need to crowdfund a memorial grove for Tim McVeigh. Think of it, a gigantic bronze statue of Timothy McVeigh poised triumphantly atop a Ryder truck, arms raised as if to form an Algiz rune from his body, with a plaque that states the honest truth:

“You had Timmy’s fire coming to you and yours for being the errand boys of filthy kike pedophiles against every decent white man. You burnt Waco to the ground and shot Vicki Weaver in the back all in the service of kikes that rape children. You are a disgrace to the Constitution and the noble men that wrote it, and traitors to your race and nation. Death was too good for you.” 

Nothing would be a greater insult to these pizza party guarding federal swine than a permanent monument honoring his journey to Valhalla or Fólkvangr atop the piles of their corpses. We really should have a pilgrimage site for this set up at Oklahoma City at this point. Can someone donate land to a foundation for this? Do we have any bronzeworkers in the movement? I am not joking. This should be done. Imagine how angry it would make people.

Seriously though, this ordeal was pretty funny.