Egypt’s First Female Captain was Shocked She was Blamed for Cockblocking the Canal

There was fake news published that Egypt’s first female ship captain, Marwa Elselehdar, was responsible for the crashing of the Ever Given, which stopped up the Suez Canal.

I think it was more of a joke post than legitimate fake news, but I did see people repeating it as if it was real.

She is now going around whining about how shocked she was.

BBC News:

Last month, Marwa Elselehdar noticed something strange.

News had broken about a huge container ship, the Ever Given, that had become wedged across the Suez Canal, bringing one of world’s major shipping routes to a halt.

But as she checked her phone, online rumours were saying she was to blame.

“I was shocked,” says Marwa, Egypt’s first female ship’s captain.

At the time of the Suez blockage, Ms Elselehdar was working as a first mate, in command of the Aida IV, hundreds of miles away in Alexandria.

The vessel, owned by Egypt’s maritime safety authority, runs supply missions to a lighthouse in the Red Sea. It’s also used to train cadets from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), a regional university run by the Arab League.

But I’m still going to hold on to the claim that basically, she is responsible.

Follow with me here:

  • The port authority decided to hire this bitch
  • Then the port authority did whatever led up to the boat getting stuck
  • The same mindset and decision-making process that let to hiring a woman led to the boat getting stuck

The kind of people who would hire a female captain are the exact kind of people who would get a boat stuck.

The feminist mindset is one of total incompetence.

Speaking of this bitch, she is 29, and still managing to look cute in her captain outfit.

When she’s 32, she’s going to have a lot harder time looking cute in that captain outfit.

When she’s 35, well… she’s going to be a mean old captain, who is no cuter than a male captain, but nowhere near as competent as a male captain.

I hope she enjoys her decisions.