Egyptologists are Dastardly Grave-Robbers – Why is This Allowed?

What is a “mummy”?

It’s a human being who was interned in a burial place in a religious ritual.

What is the difference between digging up these corpses and grave robbery?


Egyptian antiquities officials announced the discovery of at least 100 ancient coffins on Saturday, some of which had mummies inside.

Around 40 gilded statues were also discovered in a vast necropolis south of Cairo.

Colorful, sealed sarcophagi and statues, that were buried more than 2,500 years ago, were displayed in a makeshift exhibit at the famed Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara.

Archaeologists opened a coffin with a well-preserved mummy wrapped in cloth inside.

They also carried out public X‐rays to visualize the structures of the ancient mummy and show how the body had been mummified.

Egypt’s Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany told a news conference the discovered items date back to the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt for some 300 years — from around 320 B.C. to about 30 B.C., and the Late Period (664-332 B.C.).

Ancient Egyptians, like everyone else, have a right to remain buried.

These people digging up these graves are no different than common thieves.

Especially in current year, we have the ability to study ancient burial practices without disturbing the graves of these ancients.

What’s more: the Egyptians were white people, similar to modern Europeans. The current inhabitants, while brown people, are descended from the ancients (they’re also descended from Africans and Central Asians).

But there is something truly offensive about watching these brown people dig up and violate the sacred burials of an ancient white civilization.

What kind of highly moral and liberal society do we live in that condones and actually encourages looting the graves of the dead?

Grave robbery should be subject to international law. There is simply no reason that any society should allow for these corpses to be dug up and dragged around like this.

It’s just not right.