Editor’s Note Regarding the Schedule

You may have noticed that it is nearly 6:00 AM EST, and I haven’t even posted about the debate yet. This is because I was working at my other job.

The Europe crowd could be reading posts later in the day here at the Daily Stormer, or simply reading posts from yesterday, as is the custom of the European readers of most American sites.

I don’t know what to say about that, other than this: I’m working a side job now, because so few people send money to support this site. I’ve already fired the whole staff, other than the ones who cannot be fired, and I have to personally have money to live, as well as some kind of savings for the kind of future that is coming up. I’m pushing forty and I’ve spent nearly a decade building a company that doesn’t make any money.

This is the situation: this site is incredibly expensive to keep online, due to having been banned from all of these essential services. If you don’t understand what it means to have been banned from Cloudflare, just Google around about it. It’s a very bad thing.

I’ve written before about how much the site lost in 2019. The reason it was able to lose that much is that we had one big donation that covered it. Obviously, that wasn’t sustainable, and I should have had an accountant keeping track of that, but I couldn’t afford one.

A lot of people enjoy this site, but very few are willing to donate through bitcoin.

Of course, if we had PayPal, I know you would all click to send recurring $5 payments, which would mean we’d have an entire massive staff, and I’d be paid something closer to what I deserve to be paid which would provide me with an ability to take care of myself and the people who depend on me without worry.

It’s extremely, extremely unfortunate, what has been done to me and my work, and it is truly incredible that this is allowed to happen in America. I played by all of the rules, I built an incredible company, so Jews broke the rules. The world would be completely different if I were allowed to speak freely. Everyone knows that. It’s simply obvious. I am putting information out that no one can really argue with. Things would change if I could say it freely.

But the situation is what the situation is. I’m done feeling bad about it and I’m done begging you people to send money, so I am working a side job that is going to result in later posts sometimes.

I’m going to do my best to post the same amount as I have been since the other writers were dismissed, which is about 14 articles per day. I am also considering some other options here. What I do here I do for God, not for a bunch of ungrateful readers who can’t take 30 minutes to figure out Bitcoin, regardless of the simplicity of my guide. So, it’s important to me that the work be good.

Finally, I just want to say “thank you” to everyone who has donated and particularly to those who continue to donate. You are of course totally exempted from the “ungrateful” category, even if you’ve only donated once. Over 99% of readers have never donated. You are the elite class, and I believe that God will reward you for doing what you’ve done.

The rest of you need to read in the Bible about supporting those who are doing the Lord’s work. Many churches tell their congregations to give 10% of their income, basing it on tribal law in the Old Testament. That seems actually like abuse, and I can’t imagine how they justify that, but a lot of people give that money to churches. Meanwhile, Daily Stormer readers won’t send $5 a month for a site that I know for a matter of fact has helped most or all of you more than any church ever has.

But whatever.


I’m done.