Editorial Board: On Our Decision to Include Vaxx Speculation in an Obituary

On Friday, Daily Stormer published a heartfelt obituary for Kentaro Miura, creator and artist of the manga BERSERK, whose untimely death at the age of 54 was announced this week.

While the obituary was intended to celebrate the life of Miura-san, we also made the decision to include speculation about his death possibly being related to the vaccine in the obituary. Some readers felt that this was inappropriate, and that an obituary should be about the positive aspects of a person’s life.

However, obituaries have traditionally included the cause of death, and some bit of information about how and why the person died. We do not know why Kentaro Miura died. We know that he died of heart failure, but we do not know what caused that. Given that he died on May 5, during the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, and given that the vaccine has been repeatedly found to cause blood clots that lead to heart failure, we felt obligated to include questions about the vaccine in the obituary.

Obituaries are not simply to honor someone’s life, but to provide a record of their death, and the context of mass vaccination in Japan is relevant to the record of Miura’s death.

It is a dark shame on the whole world that this ridiculous virus hoax and this deadly vaccine have invaded all of our lives, and invaded every aspect of our lives, including our ability to honor our dead. We shouldn’t forget that at the height of this hoax, many funerals were canceled or banned across the world due to the government’s dictate that people were not allowed to gather in crowds.

It was not our decision to let this virus hoax take over the world. Daily Stormer has been opposed to the use of the virus hoax to take away people’s freedom and harm the wellbeing of the population since the original “flatten the curve” lockdown. However, it is our duty to record history. In the future, people will look back on this time period, and wonder about the deaths of everyone who died of heart failure amidst this mass vaccination campaign. As we do our duty in recording the death of one of our great heroes, Kentaro Miura, we are obligated to note that as we mourn his death, we wonder if he was not yet another casualty of the mass vaccination program.

Every person lives their lives as a part of history, and every person dies as a part of history. Kentaro Miura’s life influenced history, and his death, coming before he could finish his great work, affect history. When we remember him, we need to remember the total context.

Generations in the future will read BERSERK, and they will all wonder why it was never finished. Those future generations have a right to know that the reason may well be that he was murdered by a pharmaceutical company.