Edgy with a Capital EDGE: Robert De Niro Drops F-Bomb on CNN!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

I cannot believe how E D G Y this guy is!

Saying “fuck” on CNN!


Talk about bravery.

Unironically, this is what boomer bravery looks like, folks.


But I still can’t wait to go see him get killed in Joker this weekend, lads.

It’s gonna be EPIC.

My gamer rage will be vicariously funneled into our great hero, the INCEL PRIME the Joker, and we will all feel joy as he kills the smug rat De Niro, who is literally playing himself in this film.

Look at his stupid boomer face in this still, as he’s forced to confront the ultimate manifestation of incelism.

But if I’m also honest, I’m not totally planning to not watch The Irishman either.

I think we can separate Boomer De Niro’s Maximal Boomer Overdrive he’s been experiencing for the last few years from his work as an artist, can’t we?

I mean – the guy did some good movies.

Irony of ironies, he himself played the first incel protagonist in Taxi Driver, way the hell back in… some year before I was born.

And actually, he’s only acting like such a whiny bitch because… endocrine problems from age, and testosterone drop.

What I will say is that it doesn’t look like he ever took steroids, unlike most actors.

In Taxi Driver you can tell he just has really good genes.

His Raging Bull body I would describe as a totally natural and very nice body.

He gained a good amount of weight for Cape Fear, which is where he was his biggest.

And if he had just popped up to that size, I’d say he was probably taking something, but since he had this history of being in shape, I would say no, he was natural there. It’s easy enough to get that size with the right diet if you’re not living “the Hollywood lifestyle” of drugs and partying.

All of this is to say: far from being a steroid weirdo, De Niro is actually a good model of health.

Nonetheless, he’s old, and his testosterone levels are dropping, so he’s turning into a hysterical woman.

Plus he’s got that… very strange domestic situation, doesn’t he?

Anyway, it’s weird to have an actor that most right-wing people tend to like being the number one guy freaking the hell out about Orange Man.

I guess we just have to blame it on the jungle fever.

Italians are genetically prone to it, you know. Also Russians, for some reason.