Ebonics Translations: Million Dollars Worth of Game by 2 Chainz

I was just looking up “new trap singles 2022,” and picked the first thing I saw. Aside from being a bit lazy, I guess it proves the point that I’m not selectively choosing the most outrageous rap songs – they’re all pretty much the same thing.

This is the latest 2 Chainz single, which I was already checking out for personal interest reasons, but it is well worth a translation from its native ebonics into English, as we seek further understanding of American black culture, and how it differs from the “innocent, oppressed victims” narrative that we are being sold by the Jews.

Everyone knows 2 Chainz, I’m sure. He’s like, pushing 50. It’s good to switch it up from the Zoomer type stuff. Older rappers are a bit more focused, allegedly. It’s also important to point out that the music’s content doesn’t typically change as a rapper ages.

The song is called “Million Dollars Worth of Game.”

Again, for full understanding of actual black culture, you have to watch the video.

Here is a full translation of the lyrics.

I own a Mercedes-Benz Maybach G650
The only time I drive it is to pick up codeine cough syrup
The FBI has filed charges against me, and the court proceedings are complex
The only time I let a woman make music with me is when I am having sexual intercourse with her
I’m a famous person, but I don’t let it go to my head

I am extremely wealthy from being involved in profitable business ventures, buddy
I sell marijuana and I also sell cocaine, while simultaneously working as a professional recording artist
I sit courtside when I go to professional basketball games

There is cash and jewelry on my nightstand
I own a secondhand handgun with an extension and I hope the firing pin doesn’t fail to strike the round
The seller told me the gun is in good condition, I suppose he was being frank with me
During my early days performing music, I would fire a Fabrique Nationale handgun into the air to attract a crowd of spectators
Long before I owned a private jet, I had a scheme to flee law enforcement if necessary
I am the greatest person of all time, and you can shake my hand
A woman will have sexual intercourse with one of your friends because she is personally insecure

We were drinking so much codeine cough syrup that we bought the entire stock of Sprite from our local corner store
You don’t understand, my baseball cap represents the city of Atlanta
Cowardly men make outrageous claims of personal audacity which are untrue
I am working long hours lately, synthesizing crack cocaine
The prostitutes in my establishment have breasts like Thanksgiving turkeys
I hope I don’t need to show you a million dollars in cash, but I will do so if necessary
My firearms have very long barrels
Woman, shake your buttocks in front of me
Your body is strong, like strong liquor

I can remember when Chief Keef produced quality rap music
But he really fell off after the first album, unlike myself
The reason the bag I’m carrying is so large is that it is filled with kilos of cocaine
Everyone cannot be as great as I am
I’m an outsider, so people are against me
Buddy, all of the prostitutes that work for me drive a Mercedes-Benz
A person cannot have sexual intercourse via text message
Even if you don’t like me personally, you must respect me

Fabrique Nationale remains my favorite producer of firearms
Buddy, step away from me or I will shoot you
I can easily murder someone without getting my clothing dirty
It’s fine if you want to irritate me, because I will simply murder you in response
I have various sizes of impressive rims on my automobiles
My friend died, and it’s sad because he sold the best marijuana
I drive a Rolls-Royce, but not specifically to try to humiliate you
I’m still very surprised that I made this much money from rap music

Okay, so.

I’ll just reiterate that 2 Chainz is an OG. His first album was released in 2002, and he was later signed on to Ludacris’ record label. We all remember Ludacris. That was a long time ago.

The point being: this is the entirety of black culture, and has been for decades. All they think about is selling drugs, having sex, killing people, and acquiring expensive products. It’s very clearly the single most unhealthy culture on the planet, which is the reason why their behavior is so outrageous. More outrageous than their behavior is the fact that many or even most white people believe that their behavior is somehow our fault.

People who personally identify with this kind of rap music, who hold the associated identity, are the kind of people who were rioting in 2020. It was not political actually at all. It was just a bunch of criminals running buckwild. The only political element is that blacks do generally dislike white people, on a personal level, because they can’t relate to them at all, as there is now zero overlap in basic culture.

What I will say is that some of the basic arguments that you would have read in the National Review during the 1970-80s black crime waves is that government policy is largely responsible for this culture that has developed among blacks. Government social services policy encourages the father to be removed from the home, and the welfare programs and public housing then cause these fatherless boys – who have to have exaggerated masculinity because they were raised exclusively by women – to not work and instead be parasites on society while engaging their primitive instincts. Then of course, the government allowed drugs to be introduced to their culture.

I know it’s popular among white nationalists to make the stupid claim that this level of violence in black culture is natural, because blacks are just violent savages by nature. There is obviously an element of truth to that – blacks have significantly lower average IQs and significantly higher testosterone than whites (and every other race, actually). However, there is no serious precedent for this kind of longterm culture of violence among blacks. The only comparison is South Africa, where blacks have also been coddled by whites and then let loose (with the same anti-family and pro-parasite policies).

The ancestors of the current American black population were quite agreeable under slavery and under segregation. Yes, they are always going to have higher rates of violence, due to biology, but this has been drastically exaggerated and intensified, when it could just as easily be at least largely nullified by government policy. It was largely nullified by government policy – until the social revolutions of the 1960s, which were led by the Jews.

The reality of the situation is that the overwhelming majority of blacks live in squalor, and will continue to do so no matter how much money is dumped on them, because of the way their culture has been manipulated by Jews in the name of this nonsensical racial equality agenda. The only reason that black people tolerate this is that their brains produce more dopamine than whites.

I don’t really think there is a way to fix this problem at this point. Black culture is way too far gone, and these people are just too completely out of control. But it should be understood that if the Jews had not done these revolutions in the 1960s, blacks would be in a much better situation.

Please, watch this clip from the early 1960s of people in the South (probably Mississippi) explaining why they support segregation, and why they don’t think integration would be good for black people. They have a nice old black man there agreeing with them, who they’ve known all their lives. It’s an amazing clip.

Here’s a second clip that is not quite as good but worthwhile. Mississippi in 1962.

Note that the man at the beginning of the clip says “I respect this nigger a lot more than I respect a lot of white folks.” He isn’t saying that in a nasty way. (It’s not clear when “nigger” became a slur, but it wasn’t a slur in the early 1960s. You see then that they insisted on “negro,” which is now considered a slur. Then they moved to “black.” They tried to replace black with a new term (African-American, POC) and make “black” a slur, but “black” kinda stuck.)

It would be interesting if we could find more of these clips. Clearly they have tried to bury this footage, and replace it with “Roots” type atrocity hoax propaganda.

Anyway. Food for thought.