Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2014


The way this outbreak of Ebola is being dealt with is absolutely insane. From the minute the first case was identified in Africa, the continent should have been put into quarantine. The disease is highly contagious and there is no known cure, to suggest any other response to it is absolutely criminal.

Trying to help contain it in Africa by building medical centers with international teams is just going to ensure that people will contract it and then bring it back to their homelands with them. This has already happened in Spain, Britain, Germany and America, with just the few missionaries and White Doctors over there, let alone the thousands of troops that are now being sent over.

The first rule of life saving is to not put your own life at risk, and 10% of all medics that deal with Ebola patients have caught the disease and died. To say that we are working to contain it by doing anything other than sealing all the borders is absolute madness.

Allowing flights out of Africa guarantees that Negroes who think they may have the disease will flee to White countries in the hope of getting better treatment. This has already started happening as we see in America, where patient zero was allowed to just walk straight through the airport infecting anyone who had contact with him.

A woman in Spain who was cleaning the room that one of the Ebola patients had been living in has now contracted it. She was wearing all her safety gear, yet she still contracted it. She then went on holiday, possible infecting hundreds more people everywhere she went.

We are now at the last point where we could contain this and prevent it spreading to White countries and there is only one way to do that, by banning all travel from Africa. Will those traitor politicians do that? No, they would rather send doctors and the army over there, where at least 10% of them will face certain doom and it will do absolutely nothing to prevent it from continuing to spread.


It makes me absolutely furious to see the cavalier way that the authorities have dealt with this. The British are literally sending the army over to ‘wage war on Ebola’ by building medical facilities for 100 patients. That is just a drop in the ocean compared to what is going to be happening over there soon. There are going to be thousands upon thousands of new patients every day and you can guarantee that some of the army personnel will be bringing the disease straight back to Britain with them.

It is no good saying we are prepared for Ebola, all those dead medics were prepared for Ebola, all those missionaries were prepared for Ebola, that Spanish nurse was prepared for Ebola and she did not even have any contact with the patient. This situation is absolutely terrifying.

The experimental Z-Map drug supplies have all been wasted, and there are no more as they never bothered to start production of it. The medical supplies for Sierra Leone are just lying there at the docks because they can’t be bothered to pick them up – and we are going over there to build medical facilities for them? Literally billions of people are being put at risk for them and they cannot even be bothered to pick their own medical supplies up.


Every news reporter and doctor needs to be recalled from there right now, or left until the outbreak has burnt itself out. Mines need to be put around the border with Egypt and an international fleet needs to be patrolling the oceans to ensure none of the plague carriers can escape. This idea of the rest of the world containing it in Africa by building medical facilities there is clearly not going to work. It had a chance if that had been done in the first week of the outbreak, but not 6 months later. It would take just one Eboloid on the subway in London for London to be looking like Sierra Leone does within 6 months.

This has to stop right now if we wish to avoid being responsible for our own apocalypse.