Ebola Reaches New City Where One Million Blacks Live

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2019

We can celebrate today.

Daily Mail:

Ebola has spread to the Congolese city of Goma, which has a population of more than a million people, as the virus continues to devastate the region.

The victim is a pastor who had arrived in the city by bus after visiting Butembo, a town around 200miles (320km) north in the centre of the outbreak.

He had been preaching at a church where he would have touched worshippers ‘including the sick’, the country’s health ministry said on Sunday.

Authorities have urged people to remain calm after the government said the chances of the virus spreading were ‘low’.

But tensions are high and two health workers were murdered in their homes over the weekend.

Blacks are still refusing to accept the help of concerned animal rights activists. This has been going on since the whole thing started.

They just don’t believe this stuff about an invisible thing that kills them, but which whites can see using magical white people electronic goggles that requires them to be injected with some mystery liquid that white people make.

It just sounds too suspicious for them — especially considering that these “health workers” continue to meddle in the blacks’ business and burn the corpses of their dead after being told to fuck off.

Experts have said the escalation was ‘unexpected’ and should serve as a reminder to the World Health Organization to declare a global emergency.

In this, the second worst outbreak in history, 1,665 people have died from Ebola since August last year.

Global emergency for something only affecting blacks in Africa, because blacks are just that important.

Declaring it a global emergency would mean more white countries pouring more money into Africa.

Dr Mark Eccleston-Turner, an expert on Global Health Law at Keele University said: ‘The identification of a case in Goma is a deeply disappointing, if not totally unexpected development in the Ebola response in the DRC.

As a large city and transport and trade hub the virus taking hold in Goma could have devastating consequences for the response to Ebola in the DRC.’

Locals view foreign health care providers with deep suspicion and do not trust Western healthcare volunteers or the government.

It’s interesting how these people that are so concerned about the health of blacks have to adopt a “we know better than them” attitude to impose Western medicine there.

Blacks clearly don’t want any of this anti-Ebola stuff.

The UN is convening a ‘high-level event’ in Geneva today to discuss response and preparedness for the Ebola outbreak.

It will be attended by government ministers from the DRC and Britain, senior officials of the World Bank, the WHO, and other UN agencies.

Dr Eccleston-Turner said: ‘This is further evidence that Ebola is in need of a coordinated international response.

It is imperative that the issue of the declaration of a public health emergency of international concern is revisited by the WHO.’

The Ebola outbreak is as much of an international concern as hunger in Africa is an international concern — which is to say that it’s not really an international concern.

But we can’t let blacks die in Africa because we need Africa to keep spreading to the rest of the world, otherwise the world will not survive.

Wanting white countries to take care of blacks because Ebola is killing them is really no different than wanting whites to pay for the healthcare of any random third world population because of any other disease.

If they die, they die.

It’s not our problem.

If they asked for help, we may ask what’s in it for us and maybe strike a deal. But they’re literally killing health workers, so veterinarians should take the hint already and go play in another zoo.