Eat, Pray, Love, Get Gang-Raped, Beheaded and Hung Upside Down From a Tree

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2018

At first I was all like 

But then I was just like

Ah, the white female.

Such an incredibly interesting specimen.

The fact that the stupidest, most vapid, most vain, most disloyal, irresponsible and emotionally unstable creature on the planet happens to be the sole possessor of the ability to reproduce the highest form of life which has ever existed – literally, the most pathetically, abominably incapable creature on earth is tasked with the single most important duty in the universe – truly is a fascinating conundrum.

No wonder our ancestors kept them locked in the house.

Daily Mail:

A woman who travelled to India to treat her depression was drugged, raped and beheaded before her body was found hung upside down in a forest.

Liga Skromane, 33, who is Latvian but was living in Dublin, Ireland, for the past five years with her partner, arrived in Kerala with her sister in February.

She was hoping to be treated at one of the ayurvedic centres the area is famous for, according to NDTV.

But she went missing a few weeks after arriving in the country after leaving the centre to visit a beach.

Her decomposing body was found near a mangrove forest in Thiruvallam on April 21.

Police revealed on Thursday – the same day her funeral was held in Thiruvananthapuram – that she was lured by two men, who drugged and raped her before killing her.

Two suspects are in custody.

They are drug peddlers and one is a repeat offender with a history of sexually abusing men and women in the area where Ms Skromane’s body was found, sources told NDTV.


Didn’t turn out how you thought it would, huh bitch?

It’s just…

It’s just so exhausting that we are supposed to somehow figure out how to deal with these stupid whores in order to reproduce. And that we don’t have any other options.

Because the seemingly obvious option…

…leads to a disastrous outcome.

Because no, my stupid, white knight friend.

Not all women are like that.

But all white women are like that.

Even the Eastern European ones you crave.

We are looking at an extinction of our species because these stupid bitches, off of their leashes, are refusing to do their biological duty and instead “getting educated,” entering the male workplace and fucking up our ability to do our jobs, and then going to India to find themselves and get raped and murdered.

I want children. Specifically, I want sons. I am not an incel. I have had a lot of girlfriends. I was always relatively (relative to my height – 5’7″)  good with women before because I treated them like they were worthless (yes, they do indeed like that), but I am in fact now a mini-celebrity as a bad, evil man, meaning I have an extreme sexual advantage.

Now the first thing I do when I get a girl’s number is just text her this. Your assumption of how they respond is a measure of how well you understand the psyche of the white female.

But the reality is, whatever anyone tells you, after a certain amount of time, keeping a modern woman becomes a 40 hour a week job. Although I’ve never had a kid with one, so maybe that changes after that, I don’t know. That strategy doesn’t seem to have worked for most of the people I know who tried that strategy.

I have shit to do. I do not have time to deal with some miserable wench whining and nagging and using all of these emotional manipulation bluffs.

People who claim there is some solution to this problem if you try hard enough are either:

  1. Old, have no idea what the modern sexual landscape is, or
  2. Lying to you, either maliciously because they want you to suffer, or because they have first lied to themselves

At what point does “sex bots and artificial wombs” stop being a meme, and simply become the plan. 

Because with all due respect, this whole “trad” thing doesn’t really appear to be working out very well.

The very sad truth here is that we are butting up against a hard biological reality: as long as white women have the option of being vapid, attention-seeking, self-serving whores, they will choose that option. Unless there is some serious pressure in the form of mass social shaming. We don’t have the ability to restrict the behavior of women, nor do we have the ability to implement a societal scale social shaming program, which means we do not have the ability to implement “trad.”

So talking about it has become pathological.

I’m sure it’s worked for someone. It’s definitely technically possible in individual situations. It is not possible on a society-wide scale, and it certainly isn’t possible on the mini-society scale of a fringe political movement like the Alt-Right.

Statistics are reality. An individual can beat statistics, a group cannot beat statistics.

That’s just the way it is.

Because we simply do not have the ability to change the behavior of the white female, we ultimately have no option other than to let her do her university degree, monkey sex, modernity fun tour – and more forward without her, into a future WE MAKE for OURSELVES.

Remember: Joi loved Joe more than any real woman will ever, in a trillion years, be capable of loving you.