Eat Pork Rinds – Eat Dead Pigs

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2017

The Cyberpunk genre of media includes novels, music, short stories, vidya, movies, artwork and short films.

The setting in this genre is a dystopian world ,often with science fiction elements such as super drugs and – my personal favorite – teledildonics. It warns about the dangers of decadence combined with technology and rampant consumerism under the control of corporate interests who only care about money and power.

Nations no longer exist, the entire world essentially becomes Ancapistan. You are not loyal to a flag, you are loyal to a brand.

All restaurants are Taco Bell, and each corporation has a PMC Army. The majority of the population of sheep are used as an underclass for menial labor and only live to consume, completely docile to the oppression of their overlords because they are given all the pleasures they could want instantly.

Almost the entirety of the world has urbanized, and anyone who wants to live a more natural or traditional life is mocked openly and shunned at best. Those few are forced into underground societies, possibly literally, in an attempt to return to normalcy.

Anyone with free thinking capability is immediately isolated, and either destroyed via psychological warfare until they conform – usually be simply becoming an addict on aforementioned super drugs – or executed if they prove overly problematic.

This particular song was originally inspired by a 2004 meme of a probably senile old man screaming about eating pork rinds and how human women are worse than female pigs because they cannot be made into pork rinds. Truly a supporter of a kind of Proto-White Sharia. The video is a bit graphic, so I wont link it here, however it wouldn’t be too hard to find if you wanted to.

It summons images of living in a world where you go from your job at whatever Mega-Corporation controls your division of the city sprawl to the local dance club to spend your weeks pay. You are being advertised to even here. You are surrounded by decadence and mindless, atomized individuals doing as many drugs as they possibly can, eating and drinking to excess and never building or doing anything greater.

But why do you care? You are alive, you have food, you have pleasures and are treated well by your corporations executives. You even got a promotion last month, you’re making 3% more money which means you can buy a larger apartment, or maybe that new Mood Organ you’ve had your eye on.

Why does anything matter as long as you have a bed and Pork Rinds?