Eat Bugs! 20 Meat and Dairy Firms Change the Weather More Than Germany, Britain or France

You have to eat these bugs!

There’s no choice!

There is no way out of this meal…!

The Guardian:

Twenty livestock companies are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than either Germany, Britain or France – and are receiving billions of dollars in financial backing to do so, according to a new report by environmental campaigners.

Raising livestock contributes significantly to carbon emissions, with animal agriculture accounting for 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Scientific reports have found that rich countries need huge reductions in meat and dairy consumption to tackle the climate emergency.

Across the world, the report says, three-quarters of all agricultural land is used to raise animals or the crops to feed them. “In Brazil alone, 175m hectares is dedicated to raising cattle,” an area of land that is about equal to the “entire agricultural area of the European Union”.

The report also points to ongoing consolidation in the meat and dairy sector, with the biggest companies buying smaller ones and reducing competition. The effect risks squeezing out more sustainable food production models.

To keep up with this [level of animal protein production] industrial animal farming is on the rise and keeps pushing sustainable models out of the market,” the report says.

The recent interest shown by animal protein companies in meat alternatives and substitutes was not yet a solution, campaigners said.

“This is all for profit and is not really addressing the fundamental issues we see in the current animal protein-centred food system that is having a devastating impact on climate, biodiversity and is actually harming people around the globe,” said Stanka Becheva, a food and agriculture campaigner working with Friends of the Earth.

The bottom line, said Becheva, is that “we need to begin reducing the number of food animals on the planet and incentivise different consumption models.”

More meat industry regulation is needed too, she said, “to make sure companies are paying for the harms they have created throughout the supply chain and to minimise further damage”.

On the investment side, Becheva said private banks and investors, as well as development banks such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development needed to stop financing large-scale, intensive animal protein production projects.

We may be looking at a future where animal farmers are banned from accessing financial services under the pretense that they put everyone’s lives at risk by making the weather angry.

If you still somehow disagree that climate change and global warming are hoaxes, you need to understand that there are powerful people walking around dressed like sorcerers who want you to stop eating animal foods and start eating bugs.

They are saying that you have to do it because of the weather.

These people are walking around with poop jars, saying that you have to drink poop water with your fried cockroaches. They say that the farts of cows are producing hurricanes and other natural disasters.

It is over the top ridiculous, but it is real. These people have the money, and the connections.

People believing in these stupid weather hoaxes gives them the power to continue pushing for their deranged goals.