Eastern Europe Threatens to Veto Brexit if the UK Tries to Block Infinity Economic Migrants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2016


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

The EU is a complex scam.

While Western Europeans (other than the UK!) go along with it because of absurd neo-humanist values, Eastern Europe – which tends aggressively opposed to these values – goes along with it for the money.

With Brexit, the UK is presumably going to take away some of that money by making it difficult for Eastern Europeans to go to the UK and undermine British workers.

So, while Eastern Europe is opposing the invasion agenda, they are also directly backing Merkel and Juncker and the crew in their anti-nationalist agenda.


A group of Central European EU members known as the Visegrad Four is ready to veto any Brexit deal that would limit people’s right to work in the UK, Slovakian PM Robert Fico says.

In an interview with the Reuters news agency, Mr Fico said Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia would be uncompromising in negotiations.

His comments come a day after the EU’s first major meeting without the UK.

Brexit, though not formally discussed, overshadowed the Bratislava summit.

At the end of the summit, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker repeated that Britain could not achieve full access to the EU market that it would ideally like, if it closed off free immigration for EU citizens.

At the same news conference, Mr Fico underlined that he and other Central European leaders whose citizens make up much of the EU migrant population in Britain would not let those people become “second class citizens”.

They aren’t “citizens” at all – they are foreigners who migrate to the country for economic reasons.

But in the interview with Reuters he went further.

“V4 [Visegrad group] countries will be uncompromising,” he said. “Unless we feel a guarantee that these people are equal, we will veto any agreement between the EU and Britain.”

However, a Slovak foreign ministry source told the BBC Mr Fico had been referring only to those EU citizens living in the UK at the time of the referendum.

The Czech ambassador to the UK, Libor Secka, said this was not an “official statement” of the Visegrad countries’ common position on their approach to Brexit negotiations.

He told the BBC that while he respected Mr Fico’s opinion, it was for Poland – which holds the Visegrad presidency – to speak on behalf of the group.

All the EU leaders have insisted there will be no formal Brexit talks until Britain triggers the two-year divorce process and says what it wants.

European Council President Donald Tusk, said the British Prime Minister Theresa May had recently told him that might be in January or February 2017.

My position has always been that Eastern Europeans do not have some type of divine right to go exploit the UK economy.

This is an issue of contention among some in the Alt-Right – particularly among Americans who have spent little or no time in Europe – who argue that because they are White, they have a right to travel to the UK for purely economic reasons.

This is missing the point completely, in my view.

Firstly, I don’t think any British people would have a problem with some Poles who have a deep love for British culture going to the country. But that is not even anything close to what is going on.

Wages in Britain are 7 times what they are in Poland.


Because of this, millions of Poles have flooded Britain and are undermining the economy and the social cohesion of the country. They live in dorm-style situations, sleeping in bunk beds and sending the money they make back to Poland.

It’s a total disaster for Britain.

And before “yeah but at least they’re White, that’s a whole lot better than Pakis!” – of course, it is in no way comparable to Pakistani immigration. No one, anywhere, is making that argument, so it isn’t a response to someone saying millions of Poles flooding London is good for the English.

I’ve even heard one American member of the Alt-Right go so far as to say these millions of Polish economic migrants represent “genuine cultural enrichment”! This is beyond my ability to comprehend. They are there exclusively for the money, and once they get the money. Or, at least the overwhelming majority are. I’m sure there’s some who just genuinely like the British people – and again, that’s fine – but what is not fine is Britain being forced to run a weird type of welfare program for Eastern Europe, which not only costs them money but disrupts their social order.


Yeah, definitely don’t look like they’re there because they love Britain and want to integrate.

Being overwhelmed by foreigners who don’t speak your language is always uncomfortable, whatever their race.

The Eastern Europeans themselves only want to be in Britian for the money. They would rather be at home. It’s nothing but a welfare program, and forcing a nation to feed another nation is not right.

There are ways that Western Europe can help Eastern Europe without massive migrations.

I don’t blame the Poles themselves for going – why wouldn’t you? Seven fold is a very big salary increase!

The situation itself is created by the EU for the purpose of further destroying the concept of national identity, which ultimately makes it easier for them to flood everyone with brown people.