Eastern Europe Rallies Around Trump!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2016


The world rejoices, for the GOD EMPEROR is good!

Daily Express:

The Czech Republic has shown its backing for US President-elect Donald Trump’s views on migration as the list of countries supporting the Republican continues to grow.

Czech president Miloš Zeman openly supported Trump during his election campaign and also backed his fight against the evil Islamic State.

After the vote he said: “I agree with his views on migration and the fight against Islamic terrorism”.

Zeman added that he hoped Ivana Trump – the President-elect’s first wife – would become the US ambassador to the Czech Republic after she expressed an interest in the post earlier this month.

Yes, the Daily Stormer has endorsed Ivana for this position.


She’s from there, of course. Maybe someone reading this doesn’t know that.

Tomáš Prouza, the state secretary for European affairs at the Czech Prime Minister’s Office, said: “She would definitely reach out to people easily and could be very good in public diplomacy.

“I don’t expect anyone to protest.”

Czech Finance Minister, Andrej Babiš, who like Trump is a billionaire, said he believed the President-elect’s policies could help to end Europe’s migrant crisis – although he also claimed he hoped Trump “would respect the Nato alliance” in a Facebook post.

It comes after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbàn showed support for the new US leader, using similar rhetoric to Trump to oppose the arrival of Muslim migrants.

And what about Poland?

Surely, they must also support Trump’s agenda to make Europe white again, RIGHT?

Meanwhile, Poland – who share a border with the Czech Republic and Russia – has more concerns about Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s wavering commitment to Nato combined with Russia’s increasing military capabilities leaves Poland in a potentially vulnerable position.

The country remains in this difficult position until Trump sheds more light on his foreign policy for Europe.


Dey needs dem gibs, cuz dat ol Russia, he a mean ol boy, lemme tell ya.

Dem Poland gots ta hab dat money, gots ta hab dat Nato, be needs dem bombs and soldiers.


AYO – let me stop you right there, Poland.

You’re cut off.

Americans are sick of paying for you lot to try to provoke a World War with Russia.

And at this point, if this fantasy you’ve created about an impending Russian invasion ever comes true, no one is even going to care because you decided trillions of Moslems raping your daughters on the street was a small price to pay for feeling big and tough with someone else’s money and weapons.

Cry about it, Poland.


We’re shutting down the gibs machine.