East Bay: Moslem Attacks GOP Candidate with Switchblade

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

Farzad Fazeli, looking smug in his mugshot after attempting to murder a political candidate.

99% of political violence is from the left, whether it be antifa, blacks or Moslems.

But 99% of the coverage is focused on Dylann Roof, the Charlottesville car accident, and various other very rare instances of right-wing political violence.

This story will not make it out of local news.

NBC Bay Area:

A man was arrested for allegedly attacking a Republican candidate running for California’s 15th congressional district on Sunday afternoon in Castro Valley, according to Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Farzad Fazeli, 35, approached Rudy Peters at his campaign booth at the Castro Valley Fall Festival in “an aggressive manner,” and made disparaging remarks about Peters and the republican party, witnesses told officers. Fazeli allegedly pulled out a knife and attempted to stab Peters, but the knife malfunctioned and Peters got into a physical altercation with Fazeli.

Rudy Peters

No injuries were reported from the incident, according to the Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly.

Fazeli fled the scene but he was later arrested with a switchblade knife located on his person, officials said.

A Moslem attacks a GOP candidate with a switchblade – attempted murder – and it is not a major story.

Look – only local sources.

Just imagine, if you will, if a white guy had attacked a Moslem congressional candidate with a switchblade. Imagine the amount of news we would be hearing about that event.

It is so ridiculous, it’s difficult to even process.