Early Voting Data Shows Favorable Results for Republicans

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2018

Early voting data looks good for Republicans, but we must not be complacent. Make sure you get out and vote for a straight Republican ticket on Tuesday!

It’s hard to believe, but the midterms are tomorrow. If you haven’t made plans already, make sure you vote and get all of your friends and family to vote a straight Republican ticket on Tuesday. We absolutely cannot allow the Democrat Party, which is an aggressive Jewish Marxist enterprise, to make any sort of substantive political gains. They are openly hostile to the interests of White Americans and a dangerous political force inside the country. They must be defeated.

The good news is that early voting data appears to be favorable for Republicans. This includes states that have close Senate races like Arizona, Montana, Tennessee and others.

Perhaps even more telling is that early voting data suggests a strong performance for Republicans in California. In order for Democrats to win back the House, they have to flip a number of these California House districts currently held by the GOP. Right now, it looks like the Democrats might find this a bit more difficult than previously anticipated.

Despite the favorable early voting numbers, we absolutely can not be complacent. It appears as if we have a decent chance of gaining seats in the Senate, but the House is much more of a question.

Right now the election forecasting site FiveThirtyEight, which is run by the Jew Nate Silver, is saying that Republicans have an 85 percent chance of retaining control of the Senate.

Conversely, they’re forecasting about an 85 percent chance of Democrats taking control of the House.

We must also consider that this Jew Silver said that Hillary Clinton was overwhelmingly favored to win the 2016 presidential election. Therefore, it is safe to assume that these numbers are skewed in favor of Democrats. Realistically, the chances of the Democrats winning the House are probably closer to 50 percent.

But either way, the Democrats definitely have a chance of taking back the House. This is just the reality of things. We must also remember that this is a political party that has no problem engaging in fraud or dirty tricks to win elections.

In 2016, Project Veritas captured hidden camera footage of Democrat operatives describing how they actively try to rig elections through fraudulent methods.

This is why we as White Americans must show up and vote with even greater enthusiasm than in 2016. If Republicans manage to maintain control of both the Senate and the House, our political enemies are going to go insane. The Jew-run media has sold them this idea that at minimum they’ll be able to take back the House. If this does not happen, they will become so demoralized that many of them may lose the will to fight.

It is imperative for us to crush their spirits and a big win this Tuesday will most certainly do that. If the Democrats take back the House, Donald Trump’s agenda which is largely a pro-White agenda, will be blocked. We’ll have lying Jews like Adam Schiff chairing House committees. This is not an acceptable situation, so regardless of where you live, get out and vote for Republicans on Tuesday.

The future of America is at stake!