Early Thoughts on the UK Election

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2015


Well, today is the day of the UK election, possibly the last chance we will get to gain an influence in parliament, even if it be a very small one indeed through UKIP. If the invasion continues at the rate it has done for the last 5 years then by the time of the next election, there will be so many of them that not even all nationalists voting for one single party will be enough to defeat them. They will all vote as a block for whatever party promises them the most and will succeed in beating down any patriotic party, with the help of the gullible and brainwashed Whites who cant see further than their own noses and the Leftist idiots that aid them.

If UKIP do not get a sizable portion of the vote and an influence in parliament then you can say goodbye to any restrictions at all being put on immigration and can expect to see even more clampdowns on free speech. Patriots and Nationalists will end up being classed along with ISIS as being terrorists and preaching the truth from the pages of the Bible will get you jailed under enhanced hate crime legislation for certain.

Obviously UKIP are not going to save us, we are the only people who can save us, but they are at least a step in the right direction. There are other parties who lean far more towards nationalism than UKIP, but they do not stand a chance of getting any of their people elected, so if you vote for them you will only be wasting your vote. That is the sorry state of affairs that British nationalist politics is in. At least with UKIP you know they will do their best to regain our sovereignty and limit immigration to educated White people from the commonwealth. Even if they go back on every word they have said, you will have lost nothing in voting for them as a vote for another nationalist party would not achieve anything anyway.


When Farage says he wants highly skilled immigration from the commonwealth he is obviously not talking about Negroes or non-Whites as they are not skilled in anything except bludging. UKIP have pledged to stop all unskilled immigration for at least 5 years, that means no Nigs for the entire length of time they would be in government. UKIP will also ensure that anyone who does come to Britain has medical insurance, gets no benefits for 5 years and has to pay for their own lodgings for 10 years. They will also have to be highly skilled and limited to 50,000 at the most. All of that far surpasses anything the other capable parties are saying, Labour have been campaigning on increasing help for immigrants and ensuring their wages go up!

I have never voted before and have always seen it as pointless, as it was always either Tory or Labour that had any chance of getting into parliament. At least in this election it looks like being a hung parliament again and with a bit of luck, UKIP could replace the Liberal Democrats and become the third biggest party and there would actually be a new party that leans to the right casting the deciding vote. To give up that chance because of a personal dislike of Farage or because the party are not nationalist enough, means giving up what could possibly be the last chance we have to avert a racial catastrophe. We are not going to get another National Socialist party, but we do have a party that falls on that side of the fence in our enemies eyes and we would be foolish not to take advantage of that.