Early Retirement May Speed Up Cognitive Decline, Study Finds

Daily Stormer
November 1, 2019

Could early retirement be bad for the goyim?

Is the rat race healthy?

Study Finds:

The study, conducted at Binghamton University, finds that an early retirement can accelerate the usual rate of cognitive decline among the elderly.

The research team analyzed China’s new rural pension scheme (NRPS), as well as China’s most recent Retirement Longitudinal Survey (CHARLS), in order to investigate the effects of early retirement and pension benefits on individual cognition among adults over the age of 60. For reference, CHARLS is a representative national survey of China’s population over the age of 45 that tests respondents regarding mental cognition, episodic memory, and overall mental wellbeing.

After going over all of the data, the research team noted a clear trend: individuals receiving pension benefits were experiencing much more rapid mental decline than their counterparts still on the workforce. The most prominent indicator of mental decline among retirees was delayed recall, a trait widely considered to be an accurate predictor of dementia. Surprisingly, females seemed to experience even sharper mental decline after retiring early. Overall, the results support the hypothesis that decreased mental activity accelerates cognitive decline.

“Individuals in the areas that implement the NRPS score considerably lower than individuals who live in areas that do not offer the NRPS program,” says study author and assistant professor economics Plamen Nikolov in a release. “Over the almost 10 years since its implementation, the program led to a decline in cognitive performance by as high as almost a fifth of a standard deviation on the memory measures we examine.”

This study’s findings were similar to previous research that had focused on the impact of retirement on elderly individuals living in the United States, England, and the European Union. So, this is hardly a trend limited to Asia.

“For cognition among the elderly, it looks like the negative effect on social engagement far outweighed the positive effect of the program on nutrition and sleep,” Nikolov theorizes. “Or alternatively, the kinds of things that matter and determine better health might simply be very different than the kinds of things that matter for better cognition among the elderly. Social engagement and connectedness may simply be the single most powerful factors for cognitive performance in old age.”

It is pretty obvious that their cognitive problems aren’t caused by retiring from a job but from retiring from working. There’s nothing magical about their jobs that they couldn’t get from having goals and working towards achieving them.

The issue is largely that after having worked at a GOY JOB for so many years, gentiles are broken men and simply want to sit around watching TV. At which point their brains go out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Have something that you want to build. Build it. Have goals and work towards them. One step at a time, one day after the other.

If you stop working for others, don’t stop working for yourself.

You have the ability to participate in Creation and act as its protector.

There are so many mysteries and things to figure out that it should be a crime for people to ignore them.

There’s always stuff to do.

There’s always something waiting for you out there.

You just have to step outside and find it.