DyRo’s Letter to Pakistani Fake Reformed Nazi “Christian Picciolini”

Andrew Andrew
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2017

Dylann Roof, a young boy who was prosecuted for “murder” for defending himself after black mammies attacked him at church.

I wrote the other day about how civil rights activist Dylann Roof sent a letter responding to the Pakistani fake reformed Nazi “Christian Picciolini.”

It turns out that DyRo read the bastard’s shitty ass book after having been sent a copy.

Here’s the full letter he sent the Paki.

It’s a great letter.

Although, I want to express clearly that  “Christian Picciolini” is clearly not white.

He is a Pakistani or a Pashtun.

Compare his picture:

To that of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

He is simply a younger, fatter version of the infamous terrorist, and may in fact be his biological son. Although Pakistanis are so inbred, he wouldn’t need to be his son to look exactly like him.

I assume that DyRo only saw the picture of the scumbag on the cover of his book:

And was unable to gather that he was a Paki, simply taking him at his word.

But yeah.

The letter is good, if it was actually a traitor. But there aren’t really any traitors. After you go Nazi, you can’t really ever go back.

Because, you know.

The Matrix.

You can’t ever get plugged back into it.

If you’re here, you’re here to stay, and that’s just something you’re going to have to accept.

You can regret knowing, if you’re a coward, but you can’t ever get away from the truth.