DyRo Mocks Pakistani “Former White Supremacist” Huckster

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer 
December 17, 2017

Dylann Roof, imprisoned for defending himself against a pack of black mammies that attacked him in a church.

Let me tell you something about “Christian Picciolini.”

This is that guy:

Here he is when he was allegedly in a neo-Nazi gang of some sort:

Here you can compare him, side-by-side, with a Trve Aryan 100% Bavarian phenotype in the original language:

Now, look.

I’m not one to say “one drop” makes you “not white.” Southern Europeans are “white,” someone with trace hapa blood is white, okay.

But there has to be a limit. Some kind of cutoff. And this guy looks like he just got dug out of an Al-Qaeda foxhole in Tora Bora. He appears to  be a pure-blooded Pakistani.

There is also little to no record of him ever being a “white supremacist” – though there is significant record of his reform, when he worked his way to BIG BUCKS from the taxpayer before Donald Trump cut his funding.

Even if he was in some “Nazi” gang, the reason he quit was because no one believed that he was white. There is another guy on the internet that this happened to, I forget his name, but he was going around talking a BIG NAZI game before someone saw his picture and was like “lolwut are you from Pakistan bruv?”

I don’t know if DyRo ever saw Picciolini’s picture. I hope not. Surely, he would have taken a different angle in his reply if he had.

Whatever the case, it’s funny he got told to fuck off.

NY Daily News:

A reformed white supremacist reached out to Dylann Roof in a bid to offer him an alternative perspective on his racist viewpoints, but the convicted killer showed little remorse for his crimes and mocked him as a “traitor.”

You couldn’t handle the mental stress that comes along with white nationalism, so you took the easy way out. But what is so disgusting about you is that rather than just leave white nationalism behind, you decided to devote your life to undermining your own race,” Roof wrote in his return letter to Christian Picciolini, per the Post and Courier.

Picciolini on Sunday is slated to be featured in a “60 minutes” report detailing his transformation from neo-Nazi — with hatred so intense that he committed violence against Jewish and black people — to a man who has counseled 200 some racists to change their own ways.

See, like this type of shit. Where are these 200 people? Who are they?

His whole bit is a hoax, so why should we believe he’s not a Pakistani?

Picciolini said he wrote to Roof in hopes of offering him similar counseling.

“I hope you know you are 100 times worse than the Jews you’ve surrouned yourself with,” Roof wrote in the April letter.

Picciolini, who now helps train law enforcement on the inner workings of the White Supremacist movement, said Roof’s note shows he has little remorse for his actions.

“That tells me he is completely indoctrinated by these alternative set of facts … pushed by a movement that puts all the blame on Jewish people,” he says in his “60 minutes” segment. “He’s been fed all of that (and) that’s become his reality.”

Picciolini also works for the SPLC in some capacity.

I am not sure that I even believe his Italian name. Because if he was a Paki, that would be the obvious method of getting a pass on that – “I’m swarthy because I’m Italian, bro.”

These pictures are not being darkened or altered in any way.

He actually does look exactly like a younger, fatter version of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

And another thing: how could anyone take any fat person seriously, Paki or Trve Aryan?

A fat person – especially one under 50 – is fundamentally non-serious. No one can take a person seriously when they wear their inability to control their own basic biological functions on their sleeve.