DyRo: “I Would Rather Die Than be Labeled Autistic”

Daily Stormer
May 12, 2017

The blood thirsty Jews would kill this defenseless child?

Dylan Roof, this shining example of honor and dignity, shows once again that his eyes are set on what’s important in life. Instead of humiliating himself in front of the kike judge in order to save his life, he firmly maintained that he is sound of mind.

Los Angeles Times:

Dylann Roof, the 23-year-old white supremacist who fatally shot nine members of a Charleston, S.C., Bible study class in 2015, told the judge presiding over his death penalty trial last year that he would rather die than be labeled autistic.

I know that feel, bro. I do.

Hundreds of pages of psychiatric evaluations and court transcripts unsealed Wednesday show Roof’s intense anxiety that his court-appointed defense attorneys would present evidence of the developmental disability or a mental illness in a bid to spare his life.

“If they say I have autism, it’s like they are trying to discredit me,” Roof told U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel in a November pretrial hearing that was closed to the public. “It discredits the reason why I did the crime.”


You have to understand that DyRo committed no crime – he merely defended himself after being assaulted by Blacks who wanted to steal his iPhone 5s.

However, realizing that the Jew system would never let him go, he’s decided to sacrifice himself and become a martyr, in order to inspire fanaticism in the hearts of White men throughout the world.

He sacrifices himself for our sins – like others before him.

On Wednesday, Gergel, who presided over the trial, rejected Roof’s first appeal. The defense had argued that his case should not have been tried in federal court because the massacre took place within South Carolina and Roof did not travel out of state.

In a 31-page ruling, Gergel rejected that argument, pointing out that Roof had used the Internet to research the church and a GPS device to find it, and that his bullets, magazines and a firearm were made outside the state.

Wait… What?

That’s a transparently ridiculous excuse.

By the same logic, anyone shooting anyone else with a foreign firearm should be tried at the international tribunal.

If the sentence is appealed again, he might actually have a good shot at getting the federal case thrown out. We’ll see.

At another November hearing, Bruck likened his client to a “precocious” 10-year-old child.

“He is a geyser of autistic symptoms,” he said. “It was masked for us by the fact that he is verbally adept.”

Roof’s sense of reality was so distorted, Bruck told the judge, that he did not believe he would be executed even if a jury imposed the death penalty.

“He firmly believes that there will be a white nationalist takeover of the United States within roughly six, seven, eight years, and when that happens, he will be pardoned,” Bruck told the judge. “He also believes it probable, although not certain, that he will be given a high position, such as the governorship of South Carolina.”

It’s clear that Roof, if he manages to escape his Jew butchers, will definitely be governor of South Carolina some day.

A new age is approaching – fast.

It’s his lawyer who’s disconnected from reality if he thinks the corrupt kiked system will persist forever.

“Could you explain that to me, being labeled autistic is worse than death?” Gergel asked Roof.

“Because once you’ve got that label, there is no point in living anyway,” Roof replied.

“I don’t really think they believe I have autism,” Roof said. “I think they are just taking whatever they can and using whatever they can, you see what I’m saying? Because they don’t have anything else to use.”

In many ways, he’s right.

The ones under pressure isn’t Roof, who appears fully prepared to sacrifice himself, but the Jews and the Feds themselves.

They’re starting to realize that killing a handsome and gentle young boy in revenge for the hurt feelings of a gaggle of worthless colored savages is not going to be good PR for them.

They would murder this child – just because of the color of his skin.

This is why they were so desperate to find some reason to avoid killing him, by labeling him as some insane lunatic. They would much rather have him rot in jail or in an asylum than create a martyr to energize the White man.

“While they accuse him of being self-destructive by not devoting all his efforts to opposing the death penalty, he feels they are self-destructive,” the psychiatrist wrote. “What they want to do would destroy the only thing that matters to him at this point, i.e. his reputation.”

If he were ever out of prison, Roof told Ballenger, he would try to kill Bruck, his lead attorney.

In past times, dueling to the death people who are actively trying to stain your honor was a given.

Historical fact: any Viking worth his salt would demand an axe duel if accused of being autistic.

Roof likened his situation to being “like a Palestinian in an Israeli jail after killing nine people,” Ballenger wrote. “He said the Palestinian would not be upset or have any regret, because he would have successfully done what he tried to do.”

DyRo is both brave and wise. May the heavens protect him.