Dylan Roof’s Friend Joey Meeks Going to Prison for Allegedly Lying to the FBI

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2017

This is why you never, ever, ever talk to the cops, under any circumstances.

Always get a lawyer.


No matter what.

New York Post:

The only person to whom Dylann Roof shared his racist plan to massacre worshippers at a historically black church in South Carolina is set to be sentenced for lying to the FBI.

Joey Meek will be sentenced Tuesday in Charleston by the same federal judge who presided over Roof’s death penalty trial. Meek faces 27 to 33 months behind bars.

Meek wasn’t prosecuted for failing to report Roof’s plans. Instead, federal prosecutors said he lied to the FBI about knowing of Roof’s plot and encouraging other friends not to call authorities he had told about it.

Presumably, what happened is that he was confused and said something wrong, or didn’t remember, or just didn’t want to rat out his friend – whatever. It doesn’t matter.

If he would have said “I have nothing to say,” this wouldn’t have happened. They wouldn’t even have arrested him at all.

The system is not your friend, it is predatory and these people get promotions based on their efficiency at locking up innocent people on nonsense charges.

Technically, Meek isn’t innocent of the charges though – he was tricked – but he is innocent in the moral/Christian sense.

The fact that it is a crime to lie to the FBI is reason enough not to ever talk to them. Just think of the way you have a normal conversation – is everything you say always 100% factual? Probably not. It’s an absurd standard. Which is why our system allows for lawyers to speak for you.

There can never be any single benefit of talking to cops.

Watch this video if you haven’t already and if you already have then watch it again.

It’s so, so important.