Duterte’s Enemies Plotting to Have Him Tried at the ICC for His Awesome Slaughter of Criminals and Kebab Scum

Daily Stormer
June 4, 2017

Can’t torpedo the Rodrigo. Mmmh… I’m gonna have to work on that one.

The ICC (International Criminal Court) is basically some kangaroo court which is only ever used to punish people whom the Jews don’t like.

The UN doesn’t technically have an army which it could use to go kidnap anyone for a trial though.

So unless Duterte is overthrown by some kiked coup d’etat, I don’t see what these people are hoping is going to happen.

The Washington Post:

Rodrigo Duterte is not afraid of the International Criminal Court — or so he likes to say.

Asked about the possibility of an ICC investigation, the Philippine president dismissed it with a curse. When a critic vowed to submit evidence of possible crimes against humanity, he told him to go ahead.

The Star Wars prequel were a crime against humanity.

Pretty much a cut and dried case, imo.

The fact that no one faced jail time for it shows that the very concept of “crimes against humanity” is meaningless.

Plus, no one can even explain why slaughtering drug dealers and terrorists is even wrong, let alone some sort of taboo.

A year after Duterte swept to power on a promise to kill all the country’s suspected drug users, with an estimated 9,000 people dead and many missing, a growing number of experts say the Philippine president will be investigated by the ICC.

In October, when the death toll stood at several thousand, lead prosecutor Fatou Bensouda warned the country without naming Duterte directly, saying she was “deeply concerned about these alleged killings and the fact that public statements of high officials of the Republic of the Philippines seem to condone such killings.”

In the months since, Duterte’s calls to kill — or, more recently, rape — without fear of consequence have not let up, nor has the violence. Those who speak out against the killing risk public shaming, even prosecution. Domestic efforts to systematically investigate and prosecute drug war cases have thus far failed.

The office of the ICC prosecutor declined to comment on if or when it plans to pursue a preliminary examination, the first step in the process. But experts in international justice predict the court can and will move ahead — and many in Manila hope they are right.


By “many,” they really mean a tiny minority of subversives and criminals. The overwhelming majority of the Filipino population trusts and approves of Duterte.

“I think that the situation is ripe for the prosecutor to start an investigation,” said Alex Whiting, a professor at Harvard Law School who previously worked in the Office of the Prosecutor. “I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.”

In a letter written from her jail cell, Sen. Leila de Lima, a longtime critic of Duterte’s human rights record who faces dubious drug charges, told The Washington Post the ICC is “the last hope for the Philippines to see an end of the killings.”

If the ICC is the last hope, it is probably a distant one, at least in terms of timing. While Philippine police and plainclothes assassins conduct daily raids in some of the Philippines’ poorest communities, often shooting to kill, the ICC operates over a span of years.

These WaPo faggots literally have to drag corrupt politicians out of Jail to find people who don’t like the Filipino president.

Talk about desperation.

They hate Duterte because he’s showing the whole word just how effective and popular brutal dictatorships can be. Things are getting done, and the people love it. It puts an uncomfortable spotlight on the Jewish lie that democracy is the greatest system possible.

Well, this lie is coming to an end.

The era of National-Conanism is approaching.

Where do I sign up for this?