Duterte to EU Crazies: “Why do You Have to Fuck with Us?”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2017

The dictatorship of “human rights” continues to try to thwart Alt-Right icon Rody Duterte.

Sky News:

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has delivered an expletive filled rebuke to European politicians after they condemned his deadly drugs war.

In a late-night speech in Myanmar on Sunday, he said: “I don’t get these crazies.

“Why are you trying to impose on us? Why don’t you mind your own business?

“Why do you have to f*** with us, God damn it.”

Since taking office last year, Mr Duterte has led a brutal campaign to eradicate illegal drugs in the Philippines, which has left more than 7,000 people dead.

Philippines police say around 2,500 people have been killed in operations where officers were engaged in shootouts, and attribute the remaining deaths to vigilante gangs.

However, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International say police are carrying out extrajudicial killings and have warned that Mr Duterte may be overseeing crimes against humanity.

If people who kill drug dealers are “against humanity” then what are the drug dealers themselves?

We are not talking about marijuana or cocaine here. We’re talking about the most vile type of homemade methamphetamines. These destroy humans.

So is not the one protecting these people the real “anti-humanity” figure?

Why do we not ever switch this up?

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, by attacking and trying to thwart President Duterte’s war on drugs, are engaging in a crime against humanity. Period. That is the fact.

Whether purposeful or as a result of “NAIVE ACQUIESCENCE,” these people are guilty.

The president says he has not asked police to break the law, but he has also called for millions of addicts to be killed and promised to pardon officers found guilty of murder.

Last week, the European Parliament issued a resolution condemning the “high number of extrajudicial killings” that had taken place since he came to power.

They also called for the UN Human Rights Council to launch an investigation into Mr Duterte’s drug war and expressed “deep alarm” at his plans to reintroduce the death penalty.

But in his speech, the president said he would continue with his campaign, and warned that many more people would be killed in the ongoing operation.

“More people will die. I said I will not stop,” he said.

“I will continue until the last drug lord in the Philippines is killed and the pushers (are) out of the streets.”

I’ll tell you what: that sounds like a pro-humanity message if I ever heard one.

Before Duterte’s election, the Philippines was basically a narco-state.

He is fixing the problem. For every drug dealer he slaughters on the street, ten give up the trade out of fear. This is a brilliant strategy, and it needs to be employed in the West.

During his Myanmar speech, Duterte also talked about how much better President Trump is than the Immigrant Negroid Obama, and pledged to do anything he can for OUR LEADER (short of military alliance, which is reasonable, given the rapidly deteriorating Asian situation).


Criticizing US diplomacy, Duterte noted that Obama’s team always prepared for negotiations with the Philippines by digging up dirt on alleged human rights abuse being committed there.

“The past administration, whenever they make a report to any forum or venue there, they do research on the human rights violation amid the threat that you’d lose the assistance that is given to you every year,” Duterte said while on a two-day visit to Myanmar.

The Philippines’ president slammed Obama and his entire apparatus as “idiots” for throwing up accusations rather than engaging in constructive dialogue.

“It came to a point that repeatedly Obama said [this], the State department said [this], and everybody there was an idiot,” he said.

“So we go ‘You can go to hell. You can eat your assistance; we do not need it; we will survive.’ So I go, from now on, I will adapt an independent foreign policy and I will deal with any country that I like,” the president said at the Horizon Lake View Resort in Nay Pyi Taw on Sunday.

Noting that he has “nothing against Americans,” Duterte said, “under the Trump administration, I will give all, whatever it is, short of military alliances.”

Acting out an imagined phone call with the current US president, he impersonated Trump and his possible stance on Duterte’s war against drugs, which was heavily criticized by the previous US administration.

“You know, you’re doing it right. That sons of a … they’re destroying my country with drugs … that border there … those guys on the border … you know this country there,’” Duterte said, pretending to be Trump. “‘Yeah, you’re doing it right, keep it up,’” he concluded.

Donald Trump absolutely needs to implement the DUTERTE PROTOCOL against drug dealers in America.

Everyone will support this.