Duterte Tells ZOG He’ll Buy Submarines From Whoever He Wants to Buy Submarines From

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

The thing about buying guns from Russians is that they don’t tell you you can’t use the guns to slaughter your enemies in the street like dogs, anymore than Kroger tells you you can’t use the carrots you buy from them to make beef stew.

Kroger always had a good produce section compared to Walmart of course, but they’ve really upped their game since so many people started shopping at Whole Foods.

The same is true of Russia: they’ve always had better weapons than the Chinese, but they’ve really started upping their game since the end of the Cold War, when everyone was buying guns from the US.


Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, slammed Washington for telling his country what weapons to buy, but appeased the Americans by saying that the submarines it may purchase from Russia won’t be used against them.

Duterte was outraged by last week’s statement from US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs, Randall Schriver, who said that the Philippines “should think very carefully” about acquiring Russian subs and other weapons as it would jeopardize the alliance between Washington and Manila.

“Why? Did you stop other countries? Why are you stopping us? … You’re warning us, who are you to warn us?” the Philippine leader said during a speech in Davao City on Friday as cited by the Inquirer.net website.

He challenged Schriver to repeat the same warning to his face, saying: “You meet me in a forum. You state your case why you are against my country acquiring [a] submarine. You give me the reason why and make it public.”

“Is that how you want to treat an ally? And you want us to stay with you all the time?” Duterte wondered, adding that he was eager to ask US President Donald Trump the same questions “if I get to see him.”

Regrettably, Donald Trump has enough trouble trying to control the actions of his own domestic intelligence agencies right now, and figuring out what the hell the “Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs” is doing with regards to the sale of a submarine is not at the top of his things list right now.

However, I feel that if he was able to deal with this issue, his answer would be “yeah sure dude, np.”

He blamed the US for trying to keep the Philippines “backward” in terms of defense capabilities. “Vietnam has seven [submarines]; Malaysia has two; Indonesia has about eight. We’re the only ones without [submarines I the region],” the President argued.

Yeah, all those countries you listed are Chinese allies and you’re an American ally.

So yes, it is pretty much an obvious fact that there is some connection between those two facts. If it was just Vietnam, I’d pull out an IQ chart, but Indonesia having 8 submarine, wew.

However, the President calmed Washington by saying that “we are not using it [submarines] against you. Neither can we use it against China or anybody else because we are under-armed.”

Now that is very, very funny.

“Don’t worry America… we’re not planning on invading you.”

And it sort of speaks to the issue too. Why is the US obsessed with micromanaging the affairs of a country that isn’t and never could ever be a threat to them?

Duterte also criticized the Americans for selling refurbished helicopters to Manila, some of which, he said, have already crashed, while such countries like Russia and China simply donated used equipment to the Philippines and “never asked us even for a paper clip.”

Moscow and Manila have signed a military cooperation agreement last year, with Russia already supplying over 5,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles to Philippines for free to help it fight an Islamic insurgency.

Duterte’s government is also considering the purchase of submarines, patrol boats, helicopters and armored vehicles from Russia.

In early August, Philippine Foreign Minister, Alan Peter Cayetano, vowed that the US pressure won’t see the country giving up on Russian arms purchases, calling it “a test of our resolve for an independent foreign policy”.

It’s actually more of… a test of whether they can pivot from being a part of the American Empire to being a part of the Russian Empire.

Because this is the way the world works these days, lads.

We are no longer living in the days of a bunch of different powers. It looked for a minute there like we were going to be living in a world of a singular world power. That whole “end of history” bit.

Like we were all going to be one big mixed race shopping mall.

But this this one guy showed up and was like “nah.”

So now we have a type of chaotic situation.

We had this “bi-polar” world, with the West vs. Communism.

Then there was this weird “end of communism” thing in the 90s. That was the whole “end of history.” But then Putin saved the remaining USSR Republics from falling apart.

And also, it turned out that like, China has goals and an agenda beyond being a the world’s sweatshop. And has quietly taken over huge parts of the globe by just… buying them.

And their President recently declared himself Emperor.

And then these multiple political powers are attempting to deal with the fact that they have interlocking economies, and what exactly that fact means for multiple political poles.

So basically we have this whole confusing mess. Which existed before the Great Upheaval (which is what history books will call the election of Donald Trump).

The Western (Jewish) plan was to use military and economic pressure to force Russia into submission. Then probably throw some kind of Maidan-like coup in the country when it was already in tatters and Putin had been humiliated in front of his people by a US invasion of Crimea, a massive-backing of ISIS to kill Assad, etc.

But they needed Hillary Clinton to win to do that.

She did not win.

There are all kinds of confusing things going on right now. Because like, the entire European Union was a project built by Jews in America, and the ideology (religion, really) that the EU is loyal to is supposed to be something that is supported by American military and economic power.

Trump has already attacked the trade system, and is signaling he wants to collapse NATO.

So you’ve got this weird realignment taking place. And there are all these different ways things could end up playing out.

The obvious thing, and the thing that I am pushing for obviously, is an alliance between the US and Russia against everyone else. This is what I have dubbed “The Golden Path.”

It’s just “smash my head against the wall” obvious that we are the two countries with the most overlapping interests.

China is doing who knows what, Europe has gone rogue, then you have all of these shitholes sending their shithole people to invade us and feast on our corpses, turning the entire planet into a mixed-race “man as producer-consumer” hell.

Ruled by Jews, of course.

Meanwhile, I would prefer an Aryan space empire.

It is truly a battle between the materialist realm of the Jew and the metaphysical realm of the Aryan man. That is where the decision on the direction of human kind will be made – because that is the real “bi-polar” world order.