Duterte Tells US Businesses to Quit Whining or GTFO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2016


Nation first.

Before all else.

In the name of the people.

This is the only morality.

Philippine Star:

If his scathing and vulgar comments are causing consternation and worry among American investors and businessmen, President Duterte said yesterday they can always pack up and leave.

Duterte was reacting to pronouncements from visiting US State Department Assistant Secretary Daniel Russel that his conflicting statements were causing jitters among US businessmen.

“Go ahead. Pack your bags. We will sacrifice. We will recover, I assure you. We will live and survive. We have gone through the worst of times in this planet,” the President said in a press briefing at the NAIA Terminal 2 shortly before his departure for Japan.

Russel on Friday said Duterte’s recent statements – especially his “separation” from the US – have ushered in a “climate of uncertainty.”

“The succession of controversial statements, comments and a real climate of uncertainty about the Philippines’ intentions have created consternation in a number of countries,” Russel told reporters Monday after meeting Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. in Manila.

“Not only in mine and not only among governments, but also growing concern in other communities, in the expat Filipino community, in corporate boardrooms as well.”

Duterte called the US official gago or stupid for asking him to tone down his anti-US rhetoric, saying it was Washington that started the rift between them.

“I had a talk with Secretary Yasay and here’s a guy his name is Russel, if you can just tone down our rhetoric. But I was not the one who started this rift. They are the ones who started it,” the President told reporters.

He noted that during the campaign, Ambassador Philip Goldberg got his goat when the diplomat reacted to his joke about the rape-slay of an Australian missionary during a 1989 prison riot in Davao City.

“Remember, it all started during the election. I made a comment in narration of an actual event which happened in Davao and which was covered by all media outlets there. The ambassador said something not very nice,” he pointed out.

“You are not supposed to do that because in an election of another country, you should be careful with your mouth,” he said, addressing Goldberg.

KIKE Goldberg.

In the final stretch of the campaign, Duterte joked about the rape and murder of Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill during a prison riot. He said Hamill looked like an actress and as mayor “he should have been first.” His remarks drew condemnation from several quarters, particularly women’s groups.

The rising death toll in the Duterte administration’s war on drugs has sparked concerns among Western countries, particularly the US and the European Union.

For Duterte, Russel’s statement was an insult. “I said don’t do that to me. Every time they threaten us, including the EU (European Union), they think they are brighter than us,” Duterte said.

“Then they will say ‘be careful, we will put you in prison.’ Son of a w***e. Go ahead.”

Duterte maintained he would never be subservient to the interests of the US or any other foreign country.

“You know before we can move forward, Mr. America, there are things – so many things – the massacre of the Filipinos before. These are historical hurts that would never go away,” he said. He had earlier called the attention of the US to the massacre by its soldiers of hundreds of Muslims in the early 20th century.

“I am not also a lapdog of any country. Only the Filipinos can treat me as a lapdog. Period. Nothing else.

“Do not make us dogs. Do not. As if I am a dog with a leash and then you throw bread far away that I cannot reach.”

Duterte had previously branded US President Barack Obama a “son of a b***h” and told him to “go to hell.”

Duterte also hit Russel for supposedly being too nervous about his recent state visit to China.

“Now, what did I tell to China? I went there, just being nice,” the President said. “I am just a small person. How can I cause distress? You are nervous because you are guilty.”

Duterte said his state visit to China last week triggered a lot of speculations.

“Napakabilis ng malisya ng mga gago (These fools were quick to think maliciously). We did not talk about anything in China except to cook siopao and chopsuey,” the President said in jest.

Duterte also scored Goldberg’s statement that the US remains committed to defend the Philippines.

“There will be no wars anymore. Who will wage war with us? China? What will they get? Japan? What defense? They want to talk about the boogeyman war,” the President said.

“Stop that s**t. Nobody is interested in wars anymore. And if there is a fight, you fight your wars. Do not include mine.”

Pure shitlordery.

So great to see.

And just for those who don’t get it: Duterte is not “anti-American,” he is anti-ZOGmerican. Filipinos have no problem with the American people, they have a problem with being slaves to international kike financial institutions and then, as already enslaved through massive debt programs and foreign ownership of infrastructure, being told by the Jew globalists that they’re not allowed to slaughter drug dealers because it’s mean.

Duterte is doing what every leader should be doing by default: defending the people from enemies foreign and domestic.

He is creating a new model of governance in the post-industrial era.