Duterte Doesn’t Mad to Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2018

Duterte is such a fantastic leader.

And it means so, so much to me that he will make excuses for Trump when Trump’s policies affect his country.

I hope Trump will do more to help the Filipino people. They are good folks.

Channel News Asia:

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday (Sep 8) blamed US President Donald Trump after inflation hit a nine-year high in the Philippines, hurting the image of the populist leader.

It was an unexpected claim from the fiery Duterte, a one-time fierce critic of the United States but who has since embraced Trump after the business tycoon was elected in November 2016.

When questioned by reporters about the 6.4 per cent inflation in August, a nine-year high that exceeded most analysts’ forecasts, Duterte blamed Trump’s economic policies.

“Who started it? America. When America raised its rates, everyone raised theirs as well. That is how it is. There is nothing we can do,” he told reporters.

“Because America … Trump wanted it. Even taxes like excise tax, they raised it. Even import dues,” Duterte said.

He later clarified that he was not angry at his fellow populist, saying: “I will talk to friend Trump”.

“I have nothing against the American people, not the slightest … misgiving against Trump,” he added.

Duterte, who has previously admitted he is not well-versed in economics, did not elaborate on how US economic policies might affect inflation in the Philippines.

Mainly, Duterte is moving toward Russia and China.

And it’s a shame, really.

Well, not the Russia part.

But the China part.

I wish Putin, Trump and Duterte would start their own UN. With the guys from Cambodia. And Daw Suu. And you know, hopefully Italy.

There isn’t really anyone else I like.

The UN is gay and I am convinced more and more that if the NYT piece was real, it was Nimrata Randhawa.

I hate that bitch as much as I hate Dinesh D’Souza.

But I don’t hate either as much as I hate Dinesh D’Souza’s daughter who made me do “50 more shades of gray” on her, which scarred my soul.

Let me tell you something: that is one filthy little Paki slut.