Duterte Declares Victory in Epic Trash War with Canada

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2019

Philippines President Rody Duterte has just proven that literally any country in the world can pick a fight with Canada and win.

If he was a leftist, he’d be getting heaps of praise from eco-activists and Third World enthusiasts for beating the big bad colonizer.

But because he beat Canada without running to the Western media to go on a media blitz of whining and complaining, he’s denied the accolades he so richly deserves.


The Philippines started returning dozens of shipping containers full of garbage to Canada on Friday. The move could possibly end a six-year dispute between the two countries.

Sixty-nine containers holding some 2,500 tons of household waste (including plastic bottles, bags, newspapers and diapers) were loaded overnight onto a vessel at the port of Subic, northwest of Manila. The containers left on Friday for a month-long journey to the Canadian city of Vancouver.

How do Filipinos say it?

Yes, and it is now going to spread across the streets of Vancouver. It will be smeared equally across the city – under the careful watch of Justin Trudeau’s Communist government – so at least that’s good.

Canada, by the way, is the country with the largest concentrations of hypocrites in the entire world.

They poo-pah their southern neighbor because they have a healthcare system only marginally better than the absolutely atrocious American one and because they claim to be eco-friendly. This is not true when you consider the fact that the tar sands and the logging industry are some of the most destructive industries on the entire planet.

And then you add the fact that it turns out the Canadians have just been exporting their trash to the Third World and all of a sudden, you realize just how awful Canadian socialist snobs really are.

Duterte called them out on their bullshit and he laid their weakness and hypocrisy out for the whole world to witness.

No wonder everyone is mad at him.

But this isn’t even his final form.

He’s going to invade and annex Australia’s Canada – New Zealand – by the end of the year.