Dutch Tell Jews They Don’t Want Another Holohoax Monument

Daily Stormer
June 19, 2014

A related hoax monument in Amsterdam which reads "Never Again Auschwitz"
A related hoax monument in Amsterdam which reads “Never Again Auschwitz”

A planned Holohoax monument in Amsterdam designed by sneaking Jew Daniel Libeskind has been shelfed after angry Dutch people said they didn’t want the imposing, weird monument in their park.


Edwin Oppedijk, a spokesman for the city’s central district, said Wednesday that after hearing the complaints, politicians will reconsider whether to place the monument in the Wertheim Park or find an alternative location.

At a public information evening on Tuesday, neighbors shouted that the plan was “ridiculous” and on Wednesday opposition banners were hung at the proposed site. One sign read “trees, not buses” — implying the memorial would reduce green space and bring unwanted tourists to the Wertheim Park in the central Amsterdam area where many Jews once lived.

Libeskind’s design, somewhat reminiscent of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., includes walls displaying the names of 102,000 victims.

“Nobody is against having a Holocaust monument, but they all say ‘not in my garden,'” said Jacques Grishaver, chairman of the country’s Auschwitz Committee, which originally launched the project in 2007.

“I hope the city says: ‘we’re standing by the plan.'”

Reuben Vis, a Jewish leader, said he opposes the monument because he thinks it is too big, too expensive and poorly designed.

“The last thing you want to do is put a Holocaust monument in a place where people are opposed to having it,” he said.

So this Jew Reuben knows it’s time to back down and chill out, but the rest of the Jews just want to keep pushing forward with their invasive and abusive campaign of psychological terror against the White race.

People are all fed up with this crap. And it is only a very small step from “I sure am sick of hearing these Jews talk about their six million” to “wait, what if there weren’t six million?”

The backlash is coming. I talk to people everyday, and most people are now comfortable at least asking “what if it didn’t happen?”

And if you consider the possibility that it didn’t happen, it is no longer possible to believe that it did.