Dutch “Riot Town” Abandons Planned Invader Center

The New Observer
December 26, 2015

All plans to build an invader center in the Dutch town of Geldermalsen have been abandoned after last week’s violence from thousands of its citizens during a local authority meeting, the far leftist mayor Miranda de Vries has announced.


“There has been an error in judgment in placing the refugee in the municipality,” the Labour Party mayor told the AD news service in Holland.

“Everyone has lost,” De Vries complained. “Refugees, democracy, and Geldermalsen. Because there is now discord in the society,” she said, ignoring the fact that it was precisely her own party’s policy of encouraging the nonwhite invasion which caused the disturbance in the first place.

“The selected size of the reception center and the speed of its implementation proved to be a miscalculation. It has led to resistance and polarization,” De Vries said, saying that they would try again in January to “talk with the population.”

According to a report in the Dutch De Telegraaf newspaper, De Vries said that the previous week’s riots—in which thousands of angry residents stormed the council offices—was the “hardest thing” she had ever endured in her public career.

“We aim to have a public meeting on January 26 to decide how Geldermalsen deals with the reception of refugees,” she said. “Then at a public council meeting, we will look back at the process which has been followed. We too easily ignored signs that it was perhaps too much and too fast. This proved to be a miscalculation. It has led to resistance and polarization.”

It is not the first time that a Dutch town’s plans to host an invader center have been abandoned after protests from townsfolk. In November 2015, the town of Steenbergen voted not to host a center after a rowdy council meeting in which protestors made so much noise that the councilors could not speak.

In October, the town council of Purmerend voted against hosting an invader center for similar reasons.

According to the AD news service, some 1,000 nonwhites apply for asylum every week in the Netherlands, many having moved on from Germany and Austria after having invaded Germany through the Balkans. The Dutch government expects this influx to increase in the new year as the weather gets better, the AD report added.