Dutch Populists Claim 16% of Senate Days After Moslem Revenge Attack

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

Days after a Moslem terrorist killed three people and injured another three in a revenge attack for the Christchurch mosque PewDiePie fan club event, Dutch conservatives have swung towards populist candidates and away from globalist boomer consumer values cuckservatives.

Dutch liberals are turning towards ideological leftist environmentalists, sheltering their hippie impulses in implicitly white liberalism while the mainstream left embraces infinite colonization by mohammadean kangz.

Dutch Review:

The Dutch elections for the provinces, and consequently the Senate, have delivered a shocking result.

Many projected the governmental coalition to lose their thin majority in the Senate. But nobody saw it coming that Thierry Baudet’s ‘Forum voor Democratie’ would win so many seats and turn out to be the biggest party with 12 or 13 seats in a heavily divided Senate.

The Netherlands is the 5th happiest country in the world, but many apparently disagree. Thierry Baudet has built a modern campaign on an anti-migration, climate-change rejecting, Trump appreciating message. But overall his most important message was that they were going to do things differently than the old school parties. It might just be that the Utrecht attack 3 days ago did the alt-right party a huge favour.

GreenLeft wins big too

Jesse Klaver from ‘GroenLinks’ also has cause to celebrate, climbing to 9 projected seats in the senate. If Mark Rutte and the other coalition members don’t want to do business with Baudet they can knock on the door of GroenLinks and the PvdA.

This election result may be surprising for the Dutch government, which is now without a majority in parliament, but it reflects the same growth in voter trends that forced Angela Merkel to declare she would not seek reelection after her retarded boomer support base lost ground to the voting habits of young people with Internet access.

People under thirty increasingly want brown people out of their spaces because browns are thieves, drug dealers, rapists, murderers and terrorists that turn neighborhoods into ghetto slums. They also increasingly believe that carbon dioxide is going to cause the apocalypse and they want to be saved from the sin of consumerism by being forced to live like the Amish.

This sounds like it would be uncomfortable, but the family situation would be better for most people — especially if everyone got bags of money from their robot slaves.

They’ll figure it out.

Young people already want desperately to live in a society that is based on literally anything but consumer values.

It is only baby boomers who wanted society based on consumer values.

Thank God those parasites are finally starting to die.